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Friday, January 29, 2016

Poetry Corner: Remember When...

Do you remember back in Kindergarten, the days of simplicity and safety scissors. Thanks to DAScottjr for the topic. A little poem about the joy of school, before it became a struggle or torture. What do you remember from the early days of school? Leave me a comment below, Dear Readers...

Remember When…

Metal and plastic,
The safety kinds, you know
When craft time begins, but really how can you
Manage to cut anything with
Safety scissors,
Making rings around your fingers as you cut.

But, I prefer the glitter and glue
Elmer’s drying on my palm
Like a second skin,
Slowly away, when I should be making art.

Snack time,
Fruit rolls are like crack,
always wanting more.
Usually the box wouldn’t make it home
From the grocer’s
Or maybe pudding cups,
Metal lid,
Pry it off,
And plastic spoons to scoop out the
Chocolatey gold.

Math sheets,
Not my favourite subject even back then—
Faced down and GO
the timer starts
Never finished the whole sheet.

The simple things
That made school less harrowing
Maybe more enjoyable
Years after,
When taxes, 
speeding tickets, 
and arthritis 
fills your world.

I know I do.

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