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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2016 kick off

It's 2016, Dear Readers! Can you believe it?

Somewhere the time keeps on ticking and then a whole year passes. I am not really surprised by this as I prefer to be busy. When  one is busy, one tends to not see the time passing and I like my days full. This doesn't mean that I miss out on life because I am in the middle of something else.  I am more aware of the world around me because of this. I live with open eyes and am actually happy.

I'm sitting here think that I hadn't blogged about anything since Round 4 of A Round of Words in 80 Days, which is a blog challenge that  allows you to set goals and report of those same goals. It gives you a level of accountability that wasn't there before. And I did this for two years? Three? I don't even know now. (Well, I could look back at my post to see when I started, if I wanted to). I learned to set measurable goals and to how myself accountable for those goals. I met a lot of fun writer folk and learned a number of things. It's 2016 and I haven't post to the new Round 1. Not sure if I want to. It's not that I am above the purpose of ROW80, hells bells I need that accountability, but I feel that I need to do ROW80 for the right reasons. What reasons are you asking, Dear Readers?

I have a different set of goals for this year. a different plan for what I want and maybe I need to not be held to posting twice a week on my progress. Maybe! I know I need goals. That's a given.

Coffee in hand and bagel in my stomach I am thinking that I should blog about something. Goals are an obvious blog post. What are my goals for 2016? So far, I have these...

        *Pull completed stories and work of revisions. When ready, send them to my Betas. Continue to
revise and edit until the stories are ready.
        *Submit completed, revised stories for publication. This also means looking into places I can submit to such as online journals, contests, and even self-publishing.
        *Submit poetry for publication.
        *Learn to use Adobe Photoshop. I want to make poetry books of my collections of poetry: sonnets, pantoums, OctPoWriMo poems, and NaPoWriMo poems.
        *Work on my children's stories, edits and getting test art. Look into where to submit the complete work with and without art. Get Little Lost Sheep published by 2017. I already have about 8 artists making test panel for Little Lost Sheep.
         *Finish major edits of The Real Road Trip (NaNoWriMo 2014).
         *Complete my first Channillo series (6 month series).

Yeah, that seems like a lot and maybe it is, but this year I am a bit more focused on specific projects and getting them launched. I will try to come up with a more detailed plan for these goals and report on my progress in the coming months.

Auditions for McBeth are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in Bath, NU. I love doing Shakespeare and having a group that does it every other year and does it so well gives me shivers of excitement. I want a serious role this time. After having played Bottom and Trinculo, I want to stretch my muscles. So I am going for Lady McBeth. Will be happy with whatever I get though, because Shakespeare.

This year is going to be filled with awesome and a number of changes. Something that I am ready for, okay, maybe not completely ready, but feeling like I will be when the time comes. This year is starting out good so far, and I can't really complain about 2015 as 2015 was really good to me too. But a new year is always exciting, isn't it?

I am ready, are you, Dear Readers for 2016?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge, come and visit the Blog Hop and see what everyone else is up to. I also decided to participate, but I am not going to stress about goals and just report on the basics. I also miss the community of writers. so, gang, I'm back! Stress-light version of me.

On a side note, the first movie I saw in 2016 was The Good Dinosaur. 'Twas cute. Pixar and Disney really are a good team. More of this is a later post.

What are you doing for goals in the New Year? Seen any good movie, Dear Readers?


  1. The last movie I saw was the new Star Wars film. It was a good, solid action/adventure movie, so I'd recommend it if that's your thing.

    Good luck with your goals for 2016!I'm aiming to get a few of my stories query-ready and to start querying this year, so I have big plans.

    1. I also saw Krampus on Christmas eve and Star Wars Christmas Day and enjoyed both. Looking to watch The Danish Girl next.

      Here's to getting stories ready and getting them out there!! ~CHEERS~


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