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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Poetry Corner: Where at Last to Reign

It's been a full couple of weeks, and in a scant two days OctPoWriMo begin, and I haven't truly prepared. Since Tuesday are Poetry Corner days, I that I would visit Shadow Poetry and find a new poetic form to try out. Also, since the rains have come with the Tropical Storm Joaquin, today you get a rain inspired poem.

Today's form is a Ghazal, an odd numbered poem using couplets and a repeating word. Each couplet is it's own poem, yet together makes a whole poem. Greater than the sum of it's parts? Hmmmm...

I played a little with words and Rain/Reign. I hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

When at Last to Reign

The skies at last open and rain,
I know that my time is at an end to reign.

The brightest blue sapphire skies,
have long since departed to the rain.

Cold steel grey papers the heavens,
where the gods have to reign.

Yet the clouds now have overthrown,
seated upon the throne to reign.

A hierarchy they have built this day,
when patiently they begin to rain.

A sign that summer at last has come to an end, 
when the gods have given into the rain.


  1. Love that you're doing OctPoWriMo! And ooh! I remember ghazals. Back when I read Stephen Fry's The Ode Less Travelled, I practised writing quite a few poetry forms. This was one of the ones I liked a lot. Yours is perfect for the season!

    1. This was a challenge, and I am generally please with how it turned out. We have to revisit it and see if I still like the form. There are a few that I try that I haven't returned to. hehehe. The ghazals, they aren't bad, and I thought the play on the words rain and reign helped quite a bit.


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