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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Random Blog

I remember when The Mini Page, do you, Dear Readers? See my retrospective blog here about what the Mini Page looks like a few years ago. Today it is much different. I know not everything can stay the same, but when I was visiting my Dad a couple of week ago, I saw this in the paper.

What use to be a 4 page spread with puzzles and cool factoids is now a long vertical page. There are none of the original characters: Mini Spy, Bassett Brown the News Hound, Mighty Funny, Etc. Back then there was a maze connect the dots, word search, try and find. No it seems they have simplified.  There is a word search and a word scramble, and only 1 joke. All the 'characters' are all general kid faces, it seems plain and a little sad.

I guess that's what happens to things over time. The silver lining is that you can order books of The Mini Page. Still doesn't feel the same. I felt the same way when I saw how Sesame Street changed from what I remember it to be. The more things change the more they stay the same? Or better yet, if you stagnant then you will never move foreward.

Who remembers The Mini Page from the 1980s and 1990s? What was your favourte part, Dear Readers? I love the Mini Spy and the mazes.

Next, here's a new shot of the August Tree. It's a late evening shot, but you can still see some of the colour. She's a little more red. Its almost like a slow blush as if she realizes that people are watching her. The leaves are falling and it's been very dry. Could use some rain though. It's ironic since we started the summer with a lot of rain.

How is your end of summer going, Dear Readers? Any plans to cap of the summer and welcome the fall? What is exciting about the coming of Autumn?

This weekend, weather permitting will be a trip to Seabreeze for some frolicking and the following weekend 24 Hour Theatre with KLP (Monopoly Edition).

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