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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WIPpet Wednesday

WIPpet Wednesday: the day of the week when you share a part of your WIP with the interwebs. Created by K. L. Schwengel, WIPpet Weds take the day's date (7/21/2015) and uses some form of math and you post an excerpt of your WIP. See, take the 21st day and 2 + 1 = 3 paragraphs.

Come visit the fellow WIPpeteers here at the Blog Hop.

Today's snippet is 3 paragraphs from my new project Once Upon a Cloud. Here Cumi and Stratus sit down to some lunch and see how different Cumi views her world and Terra. this is a bit after the last WIPpet.

The dining room of the restaurant was not what you would call clean, nor was it dirty. Chicken Bliss always got a clean bill of health from the Health Inspector, but Cumi could see that the floors and walls were covered in a thin film of grease. She wasn’t sure what the grease was from as the restaurant had a smell of chicken, oily grease, sweat, and something she couldn’t place.

“Have a seat, Kid,” said Stratus wandered over to the counter and greeted Martin with a holler and some sort of secret handshake. They were talking and Cumi couldn’t hear what they were saying. Not that she cared. This Martin was one of Strat’s Terran friends; she could only imagine what they were talking about.

Cumi pulled out a chair and wiped her hand against the grainy and polished wood. It was clean, not a spot of dust nor crumbs. The wood felt cool to her touch. A quick swipe showed the table was just as clean, so she sat down. While not normally a frequenter of the type of restaurant like Chicken Bliss, Cumi felt a little more at ease and stole a glance around.

Having a rougher week, Dear Readers and trying to persevere through it all. I had gotten a case of the 24 hour nasties yesterday and slept through most of Monday night. Although I did manage to complete 2 writing blitzes for two different stories. I also had two dentist appointments; one to start a relationship with a new dentist (not pleased with current dentist) and one to fix a chipped tooth that happened late last week. My head been a little muddled, but trying to look through the fog. I am getting there though and still feeling positive. 

Anyway, a new blog post isn't new without something to show. Last Saturday I got a chance to be photographed by my friend Ken in Riverfront Park in Corning. Not gonna lie, I felt a little like a model. And Ken has an amazing eye for seeing beauty in whatever her photographs. He has made my friends Holly, Krissy, Kaylara, Melissa, and Beth look amazing. Granted they were already amazing. He just was able to show the world what was already there. Thanks, Ken!!

I miss writing poems regularly. Each April and October I participate in a month long poetry challenge. I try to write poetry regularly, but it doesn't always happen. When asked for prompts from friends and followers. I have several topics still to use for poem, and trust me I will use each of them. This was is my favourite. The form is a Tetractys, a 5 line poems that has the following syllable rhythm: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10. This is a double tetractys: 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Full Moon Dreams

You hang
In the sky.
Swimming in seas
of deepest ebony and violet.
Globe of silvery pale light shining in 
Showers of dark,
As I walk
Through the


  1. That doesn't sound like a restaurant I'd want to dine at, at least not at first glance. Maybe it makes up for the outward appearance with stellar food.

    My ex used to do photography (not sure if he still hires himself out, or gave up), and used to photograph me fairly often. He did some really nice work.

    1. I like the greasy dive and will often find the out of the way places to eat. They usually have great stories to tell, not almost good though. :-)

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love, love, love the photo of you with the flowers in your hair. The tree one looks like the "about the author" sort of photo. Your friend got some great shots!

    As for the WIPpet...I giggled at "Chicken Bliss." I like the name. I also like the contrast between the greasy floor and the perfectly clean furniture. I've been in places like that. They usually have really good food!

    1. I know, right? :-) It's those places that sometimes get my muses churning new ideas. I find going for the absurd helps to create the back stories that I am lacking.

      Thank you! It was a great ego boost and now appears I have a meet the author photo. :-) Can't to see how the rest of the photos turned out.

  3. Sounds like a hard worker. And yes, great name for it!

  4. I'm getting more of a feel for Cumi, here. And your photos? You are one gorgeous lady, and you're right - Ken sees it!

    I also love your poem. I may end up playing in that form myself, this fall, for OctPoWriMo, where I'm sure I'll see you! =D

    1. Sweet! I love seeing fellows in others challenges. :-)

  5. Lovely pictures and lovely poem! I know that feeling like you're a model. The right photographer can really work wonders.

    A diner by the name of Chicken Bliss would put me off so fast, it'd be like they threw all their grease on me. I would not blame Cumi at all for walking right back out. Especially with that sweaty smell. Blech. The description of the place is really nicely done. I was right there with her, fighting to keep my stomach down despite the clean furniture. :-)

    1. Glad that the imagery works, and sorry if I made you queasy.

      Thank you!

  6. Can I just repeat what Amy wrote? Weeellll okay, maybe not. I love the setup of the picture with the flowers in your hair, but the sweater I felt washed you out just a touch (so easy with fair-skinned people like us). The blue sweater in the tree photo accentuated your beautiful eyes and hair, but yes... it looks more like a photo to show on a "meet the author" page.

    And yep... totally agree with Amy on the rest. ;-)

  7. Those photos of you are beautiful (and, hoping not to sound creepy, so are you)!

    I love the name "Chicken Bliss" and, yes, definitely sounds like a few places I've been to too, and they do usually seem to make up for weirdly sticky floors with great food. I love how Cumi thinks "not that she cared", a little like maybe she is curious and just doesn't want to admit it... Really looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

    1. Awe shucks, not creepy at all :-)

      There is going to be a lot more to Cumi to come.


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