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Sunday, July 26, 2015

After all the Parties and the Putt Putt Marathon

It is possible to putt putt in the rain, although the scorecard when damp is hard to write on. This is fact!

 Before the rain started!

Putt Putt selfie.
Yeah, so not much was accomplished this weekend, except fun. I also have no regrets, as I made people happy and got soaked playing putt putt. High point included chatting with my awesome friend Jeff about  life and the pursuit of happiness for 2 plus hours. As I don't get to see him a lot, it was nice to randomly converse until  2 in the morning, attend two birthday parties and eat gobs of sugary caky goodness, and spend an afternoon whacking balls into holes. I was told that I should watch Happy Gilmore now.

Also, Don't Blink!
After a really long week that started with being sick and continued with long days and much other stuff after the evil day job was over, I am feeling good, but tired. Also, it feels weird that the summer is basically half over, not that I am a student or teacher whom get the summers off. i haven't had that in years. Sometime, Dear Readers I miss that.

Anyway, I am clearly rambling now. Time for a check in. Between having an improv practice on Wednesday, a business meeting Thursday, and parties Friday and Saturday, I serious got less done. Thus this will be short check-in.

This Week:
    *Reading: over half done with Smoke and Mirrors (Gaiman) and into the first few chapters of The Amber  Spyglass (Pullman). Reading short story anthologies are great because you always feel like you've made progress because it's not just a chapter you are reading but a whole story. Am still fascinated by Gaiman's writing, even if I don't always get it. Still the morning is my favourite time to read.
    *Social Media: managed to visit 4 blogs daily and my sponsor duties this week.
    *Exercise: walked to improv rehearsal on Wednesday and today was all about walking through the putt putt marathon. We did 3 courses in 1 day.

So, light yes, but still managed to keep it flowing. And we have an improv show coming up next Friday.

This (upcoming) Week:
    *Reading: finish Smoke and Mirrors, continue with The Amber Spyglass and start A Festival of Bones (James A. Owen).
    *Writing: write daily, at least 300 words.
    *Editing: 2 pages of The Real Road Trip.
    *Blogging: 1 new non-ROW80 post before Wednesday
    *Submissions: 2 new submissions before Wednesday.
    *Social Media: visit 4 blogs daily and sponsor duties.

That's if for now. As I have several longstanding goals I will keep it simple as I build back up after this weekend. I feel like I backslide on the weekends, Dear Readers. Even though Saturdays are my unplugged days. Do you feel that weekends are times when your goals maybe get pushed to the back burner? What days or times are you most productive? Least productive?

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