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Monday, July 13, 2015

Post Connecticon Status

A day late, but not really feeling like a dollar short. Although I did need to buy a second new tire before my adventure began this weekend. Somehow I ran over something that blew my barely a week old tire. Was livid for a few hours, but then I started my travels, and most was forgotten.

24 Hour Theatre went over well from what my peeps tell me. This is the first  (and only I hope) time I couldn't be there. The writing aspect of it was really fun. I got my cast list and wrote, granted I was worried that the concept wouldn't work. Not that the actors weren't capable, in fact they were MORE than capable. But I usually freak out about my shows until after it's performed and then I am happily awed by the awesome that happened. I think most of you writers out there would probably agree to some level of this. My show was called "Another Day at the (Super) Office". Think of it as am improv skit mating with a kid's show, and throw it a dash of the office space kinda goofy humour. You have two superheros monitoring the town they were sent to protect. One is a little disappointed that the job is not so exciting and the other is dedicated but overly excitable. The boss is always coming to check on them and give them new assignments. They have to solve the problem about the migrating dinosaurs eating all the jelly beans by the boss and there's a lost Sprite to find her Mommy. It's like a superheroes games from Whose Line? And since the theme of the event was all about superheroes, it got positively goofy, with superheroes called Captain Blueberry Muffin, Pets Everything Girl, and Princess T-Rex. Can't wait to see the video footage!

So I didn't do much this weekend. But I did drive myself to Hartford, CT for Connecticon. It was my first majorly huge Con. I went to go see my friend and mentor, James A. Owen. It's always a treat to hear him speak and get a chance to visit with him. I saw so many sights, the cosplayers were pretty awesome with plenty of Doctors, Harley Quinns, and Disney princesses. I went to the writing panels, kinda a given as I am a writer. Got some good incite into to getting published and some humour about the writing world for seasoned and new authors. Got some swag. Met Maurice LeMarche (voice of Egon from Real Ghostbusters, Brian from Animaniacs, and Futurama). Really nice guy and autographed a picture for the Hubs. And while I couldn't actually photograph George Takei, I was within 5 feet from him at least three times. I'm okay with that. I am still tired, but incredibly happy.

So, Dear Readers, here are a few of my favourite shots from Connecticon...

Update is really short this week, but here it is!

This Week:
    *Reading: caught an hour to read The Night Circus on Saturday.
    *Social Media: visited blogs and sponsor charges on Friday. Not much else to say. It's okay am diving feet first into the goals this week! I suspect

This (upcoming) week:
    *Reading: finish The Sublte Knife (Phillip Pullman) and continue with The Night Circus (Erin Morgenstern). I have to read 10 this round, to get cracking. Also started Smoke and Mirrors (Neil Gaiman).
    *Writing: write daily. I want to focus on my Top Secret project this week.
    *Editing: get cracking on my edits for The Real Road Trip, my NaNo from last year.
    *Submissions: 2 this week.
    *Blogging: 1 non-Row 80 post this week.
    *Social Media: my sponsor duties. Visit 4 blog daily, Row 80 and those I follow. Keep up with Twitter and my Facebook page.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Set some goal, post them to your post, share the link on the linky page, and watch the magic begin. It is a Blog Hop, so come in and spin a tale or two, maybe even learn something new.

How are your goals coming along, Dear Reader? Have you had to change any of them? Complete anything in the past week? Had an adventures you'd like to share?


  1. Hi Cindy. Sounds like you had an eventful week, with the theater performance and convention. Exciting Stuff! Those kind of exciting adventures always get my imagination flowing. I'm sure next week's writing will go well for you. Did you write the entire script of "Another Day at the (Super) Office"? I'm impressed with your writing output and with your passion for your work. Doing what you love is truly living!

    1. I wrote "Another Day in the (Super) Office" in about 2 days. If I was able to be there for the show, I would have written in about 8 hours (give or take), this time I wrote over two days as I was out of town. 24 Hour Theatre is theatre written, directed, and performed in 24 Hours. It's a mass rush of craziness, but a lot of fun. Probably how come I am a pantser instead of a plotter. :-)

      Been trying to live deliberately a lot in the last couple of years.

  2. Wow, your superhero-based skit sounds fantastic! And the con sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes it's good to just get out there into the world and get inspired. Good luck this week!

    1. Improv skit mating with a kids show! So much awesome! I would really like to see your skit. Sounds like you had a blast. No pun intended. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.


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