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Monday, July 6, 2015

Round 3 Goals, Huzzah!!!

And here we are at Round 3!

I hope you all had a fantastic 4th, Dear Readers! My dad was in town and we grilled burgers, catch a loose rabbit in the neighbourhood (one of our neighbours raises rabbits), set all my smoke detectors off while grilling, watched some fireworks, read some, watch a bunch of Parks and Rec, and generally enjoyed my weekend. This past week I spend sometime on goals, other days I enjoyed the weather and company. Yes, not much was accomplished this weekend, but it was a Holiday. It's allowed on a holiday and now it's back to work.

What's new, you ask, Dear Readers? New stuff is happening on the horizon with this new Round.

First of all I'm a Sponsor for this Round. Seeing as I have been an active member of ROW80 for 2 years, it feel like it's time to stretch my wings and try something new. I love to help people realize their passions and help them to find ways to meet their goals and challenge their lives. I am working on my inspiration post this week. So many possibilities. So, yeah, feeling really good.

Also, Connecticon is coming this weekend and I need to prepare for my travel to Hartford. First convention by myself, (not first ever convention, that was Faerie-Con 2013) but you have to live big sometimes, try something new and push boundaries. This means though that I will be missing the first summer 24 Hour Theatre with KLP (but on the up side I am writing for it), life's full of tough choices. It's about a win-win as I can get. Will miss playing with my theatre peeps, but I get to see my mentor, James Owen this weekend. Oh and the writing, I'm excited for that too!

This Round is going to be different. I have learned  a lot about  goals, setting them, and succeeding at them, and also failing at them. Sometimes you will not make a goal, but somewhere int there, you will learn about yourself. I know I have in the last two years of ROW80, where I met a number as friends and colleagues who taught me a thing or two about writing and life on the internet. Thanks Denise, Fallon,  Shan, Ink-Dipped Moon, Gloria, and Kait (good and check out them stuff). Also, I met a three awfully special poets and writers that have helped me grow as a poet. The 4 Musketeers are we and we have shared much in the short time together, writing poems for NaPoWriMo and A to Z or just sharing poems, pictures, and personalities: Rod, Jesi, and Lizzi. I feel that being a writer in the 21st century is possible with these kind of relationships.

Anyway, onto more decisive things.

Round 3 Goals~ 
I am looking for more SMART related goals and more action on my part. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. I know what get me feeling creativity and how I what to see myself in the next month, year, five years. So, Dear Readers you will see a change in my passion and goals will shift accordingly. Of course life can still get in the way, but going  for the proactive approach.

    *Reading: in the next 80 days I want to read 10 books. I started to Gooodreads Challenge last year with 25 book. This year is was 30, but I at 27 (just finished another book today) I decided to move the year goal to 50 books in  2015. Currently reading The Subtle Knife (Phillip Puillman), The Night Circus (Erin Mortensen), and Murder Comes Ashore  (Julie Anne Lindsey)
    *Writing: write daily at least 300 words,
           -Write my Sponsor post this week,
           -I have a unfinished Doctor Who story that I want to finish a rough draft this Round,
           -Work on my Top Secret Story,
           -and plotting the possibilities for Love in Ferns.
    *Blogging: 1 new non-ROW80 post,
           -Post to WIPpet Wednsday,
           -Find some new challenges to take part in.
    *Editing: The Real Road Trip, NaNoWriMo novel 2014. I want to finish a complete first revision by end of this Round. So, 2 to 3 pages of novel to be edited every day. I will take Saturdays off, as that is my UNPLUGGED day.
     *Social Media: sponsor duties and
            -visit 4 blogs daily.
     *Submissions: 1 new submission each week.
             -Post account of rejections, acceptances, and what have I learned once a week.
     *Exercise: Do it! Post about it!

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. Come and visit with us, stay for the stories and magic, maybe even give it a try! It's a Blog Hop, click the linky!!


  1. Congrats on stepping into a sponsor position for ROW80. I've really enjoyed my time as a sponsor (though I'm not this round), and I think you will, too.

    Enjoy Connecticon! And how was Faerie Con? I've wanted to go but something always seems to get in the way--usually expenses that pop up here and there. I'm curious to hear how you liked it.

    Good luck with your goals this round!

    1. It was a blast and because it was a smaller venue I was able to get accustomed to the Con feeling. A little nervous traveling to a bigger Con, but it's gonna be worth it!!

      I am enjoying being a sponsor. Actually I fun crafting my sponsor post. :-)

      Thanks, Denise!

  2. Your goals are very SMART aligned. Every time I drop by I'm blown away by how many books you make it through. I'm sure I've said this before, but I'm a slow reader.

    You are completely right, even the goals I have not attained have taught me something. In the last round you helped me learn so much about not beating myself up and moving forward. ROW80 had truly been a blessing in my life. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

  3. Some excellent goals here, Cindy. I wish I could say mine are "S.M.A.R.T."... they aren't, but right now they are what work for me.

    Have fun at your first con by yourself. I've done both and there's something about going it alone that makes one reach out (I tend to volunteer so, going it alone is... well, risky for me in that I never relax and just take in the experience... you're a wiser woman than I am).

    Here's to an excellent ROWnd

    1. You gotta do what is comfortable for you, Eden. Cheers to your endevours!! :-)


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