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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Wednesday Snuck Up on Me Check-in!

It's Wednesday, isn't it...The week has been a blur, especially in the last few days. Trying to get a grasp on all the things I need to process. You know the old adage, "...When it rains, it pours..." Yeah that's been the last few day. High point of the weekend, seeing my good friends Mandee and Phil get married, the down side to the last few is that i will need to spend a lot of money on grown things and not have an autographed book or CD to show for it. Being an adult sucks!

I was  fun and very grown up to buy new appliances, that was fun. The other hand, buying a new car, furnace, and looking at roof repairs, NOT fun. It's a part of adulthood and house owning. I would love to return to a time that the only thing I had to worry about is writing my 15 page anthropology paper and getting enough sleep before working Night Desk. The things that we take for granted.

Good news, I didn't slip too much since Sunday. I have up with most of my weekly goals. Some on the other hand slid under the bed with the dust bunnies. Will be better the latter half of the week.Time for some bullet points!

Things I accomplished this week (so far):
*Been submitting my poetry to at least one online journal/e-zine for the past week. Digging up some nice poetry that has been buried.

*Edited a short story from April (I think), just need a few beta readers to run it through the paces before i go and submit it to a journal.

*Continued to read "Mockingjay". I slowed on this a bit, I didn't get to read the last two days, will read before bed tonight to make up for some lost time. 

*Watering the porch garden and mowed the lawn. Walked and or have been outside enjoy the sunshine that has returned to Corning. Time for a impromptu haiku of sun:  

When the sun shines bright/
When the moment is perfect/
When there is coffee

Things that are in progress:
*Last week I visited over ten blogs and left comments. I have slowed down on this, but plan to keep up the visits. I seem to be getting past my overwhelming mood.

*Haven't written anything new in a few days. I need to visit the 1 minute writer. A site that has prompts and a stop watch. You write for 60 second. I good way to get you thinking fast.

*Will be blogging either Friday or Saturday my non ROW80.

Keeping up with Tarzan's rehearsal, being all producer-y and improv-y. Next week is Improv Show #3 and LCP business meeting. Theatre stuff is happening. And I has a birthday party Saturday and going to Eldridge Park on Sunday. The weather has improved my mood. It's getting better. need to push through the negative and be positive.

We switched  out one kitty, who was being a bit of a domineering meanie. A sweet cat, but was not the best match for Lucy or us as a whole. Now we have a shy tortie/tuxedo cat named Bridgit. Am hoping for pictures, but it'll take time to have her come out of her shell. I am thinking Lucy and Bridget will be nice companions, but not aggressive to each other. That was another reason that the week was weird. Feeling better and even positive. You can't keep me down long. I have moment where I cry or yell, but in the end I know that I will get through it and better days are ahead.

Had some thunderous weather passing through, feel exciting when it pass through. Now it's hot and still a bit muggy.

Have a blessed week, Dear Readers! Go out and enjoy the sunshine! And remember, if you are on the interwebs, to go visit my fellow ROW-ers at the Blog Hop!


  1. Nice distinction between 'stuff done' and 'things in progress'. Thank you for that amazing link to 1 MINUTE WRITER. I'm already hooked and I haven't started! Procrastination today + getting caught up on xxx and xxx and xxx keeps me from writing this morning. But keep submitting that poetry. And writing. And having fun along the way. Make it a good week!

    1. Yeah, I get technical with my terminology :-). I'm been looking into other writing prompts and means to practice the art of writing, when not actually writing a story.

      Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  2. Sounds like you're submitting your work and moving forward. Congrats on that and best of luck with your submissions!

    Hope the rest of the week goes well for you. :)

    1. It's getting exciting. Pulling poems and finding the right poems. I have one journal that responded that they like my titles and is intrigued and can't wait to read and review them. It's not much, but I am excited.

      Thanks for visiting! :-)


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