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Sunday, June 22, 2014

AROW80 Check-in: Pour some Sugar on ME?!?!?!?

I have consumed a lot of sugar this weekend. A LOT!

I attended a 4 year olds superhero birthday part (with Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman) on Saturday that involved sweet superhero cookies and a strawberry cake and super sweet frosting. Very good, but very sugary! And today I played at Eldridge Park by riding the carousel, the dragon boats, and playing putt-putt. I even won a brass ring (a thing that was big in the early days of carousels)! It wasn't that hard with my looooong Xena arms. :-)
One RING, to RULE them all?!?

It was a weekend of recovery and enjoying life.

To start off, I have had a great week of goals and productivity. It took long to get there, but I managed to get back on the horse and take off at a gallop towards the writing goals. Sometimes when I have too many setbacks I just want to curl into a ball or stare at a wall. I had to shake off the dust and keep going. After a few rough starts, I have my old vim and verve back. It also helped that I had some distraction to focus on, allowing the negative feelings to pass and the very adult things to deal with to be figured out. Not all are fixed, but at least I have a better idea how to tackle them (including getting estimates on house related items and getting a new old car for David hunk-o-junk van. Sometimes I hate being an adult, I want to be a kid again and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings and only have to worry about the math test on Monday. Anyway...


Improv is going great. I have a great team and some new blood joining us. It's exciting! The last couple of rehearsal have been very physical and quite entertaining. I look forward to rehearsals, and it's feel good to be able to say that. Tarzan is coming along. The cast is great, seeing improvements and people adding their own flairs to their characters. Trying to keep pace with the Producer duties. Not always the most fun, but it gots to be done.

Now onto the GOOD STUFF:
*I am now halfway through "Mockingjay". I spend an hour reading today, included 3 chapters (to make up for now reading yesterday. Will probably finish before next weekend. I am planning to watch the first two movies and do a full blog on them, either separately or together, depends on how the viewing goes. Trying to decide what series I want to start after the "Hunger Games". I may have to revisit Garth Nix's "Abhorsen" series or Margaret Atwood's "MaddAddam Trilogy".

*I submitted a story to Toasted Cheese's "A Midsummer Tale" contest. This goes along with my continuing quest to submit to online journals and e-zines. I haven't submitted a lot in the last two days, but after going through the NaPoWriMo sites, I hit about 15. Note:  I need to make a database of online journal for reference and visiting purposes. I have submitted to one/or more journal since 6/8/14, so I feel that pretty good. More to come as I hear the outcome of these submissions, and will submit to more over time. I have have two that have already declined to publish, but I knew that was going to happen. C'est la vie!

*Visited 4 blogs this week. Should have been more, but with my mood and stuff going on, I have so little time to devote to that. I am hoping for at least 10 this week or at least 2 per day (making the total 14).

*Edited a flash fiction piece. I extended it from 700 words to 1100 words, tweaked some ideas. It's not a dialogue heavy story, but I gave a bit more dialogue and more intention to the characters. It flows better. Send the same story out to a couple of Beta Readers. Looking for a few other Betas. That definitely what i need to get the editing ball rolling, some Beta Readers.

*Spend time outside in the sunshine!

*Keeping up with the housework still, so days the dishes get left, but nothing that terrible. The floors are clean and the dishes are done, even finishing the laundry (and this with my dryer vent clogged [either completely or just enough] until Wednesday). 

Tail of our boat
Dragon Boats

* I did not blog on Saturday. I could have, but I ended up editing the "Yacht Story" (yes that is my title of it). So, it's not a total loss. But I am still frustrated that I didn't get to the blogging. Well, there's always this week.

*I did some of writing, but nothing new story or poem. That needs to change. Need to write this week. NEED!

*I also realized that I haven't touched/worked on my poetry books in weeks. I am thinking that is a great goal for Round 3.

While it wasn't the best of weeks, I still think I have done a really good job working on my goal of getting published. It's not an easy task. I realize that I am going to get a lot of rejection letter before I get to the publishable level. It mean I have to keep trying. Keep writing. Keep editing. And keeping submitting!

Have a great week Dear Readers! I am planning so new things for this blog this summer. So, stop back and see me anytime or visit the Blog Hop of fellow writers/bloggers. I have a lot of fun things that I want to do and see that will be included in future blogs; going to the HUGH open flea marker in Avon, NY, visiting friends in Rochester and Buffalo, random adventures to new places with David, so stay tuned for exciting stuffs. What are your plans for the summer, now that Summer has arrived, Dear Readers?


  1. Hi, Cindy.

    Wanted to stop over and say Thank You. A few weeks back you visited and I was feeling extra down on myself about things not done, things needing to be done, seasonal stuff... just stuff. Your practical (one thing one day) advice was what helped me drag myself out of the pit. I knew it and yet, I needed to "hear" it from someone else. So thank you.

    And thanks also for the fun Steampunk Giraffe video. The blogging... you'll get there, and some weeks will... well, you know.. :-)

    1. Glad I could help! ~hugs~ I just try to spread the good around to everyone. I like to see people happy. I also love to share music, it not only soothes the savage beast, but it inspires.


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