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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunny Sunday ROW80 check-in!!

It's been a slow and strange week, what with being off from the day job Monday and recovering from the tonsillitis, mostly just congestion and plugged ears. Yay for still having tonsils, yeah, NOT! This week also brought a renewed and greater drive to be a better writer/blogger.

Yesterday was also the day when a dear friend's partner came back to the twin tiers and we (The Lake Country Players) threw a remembrance dish to pass dinner. I always thin these things will be difficult to put together and even more difficult to sit through, but something I learned from Jane (my friend who passed in February) is that you have to keep going. I had become closer friends with Cyndi Regan, Jane's partner and we Skype somewhat regularly, we share a fondness for cats, writing poetry, and knowing Jane. It was my pleasure to be able to bring the dozen or so people who were able to make the last minute remembrance dinner. After having finished Tempest and Zombeo and Juliet, it had been hard to meet with fellow board members to organize a full on performance event (which was what we had originally wanted). We told stories and remembered Jane for the amazing person she was; and got to hear new stories from Cyndi about Jane.

Tarzan is in full swing and Improv is continuing on it's summer trek through Smelly Paperclips, Mediaeval Help Desks, Paperclip Factories, Crime Scene Investigators, and the theft of the Golden Scratch and Sniff Paperclip. The hubs is beginning Hairspray, as Corny Collins, so it'll be a full summer! ~~w00t~~

This week also brought some pretty great moments in my own head and pushed me into action again. And this time I will keep the flow going.

Goals/Stuff accomplished this week:
*I went through the whole of NaPoWriMo's list of online journals, got submission deadlines, guidelines, and what the publish. So this coming week I plan to start submitting poems, stories, and at least one 1 act to these journals. Aim: At least 5 by next check-in. That would be Wednesday.

*Read more of "Catching Fire", on chapter 14 (page 188). Found the reason I started reading the Hunger Games Trilogy in the first place. The concept, the well defined and flawed character, Katniss, and the direction it could go.

*I blogged from the first time in months that wasn't a ROW80 check-in. This is cruticial, since this is what I set this blog up for. A nice little retrospective piece.

*Visited 2 blogs on Thursday. I think Thursday.  Visited 4 today blogs today and left comments on 2. Some that is pretty good. I want to stick to 10 blogs visited in a week, but 6 in four days isn't bad.

*I still journal twice a week, usually in the morning. Mostly to keep the thoughts from kicking my brain's arse.

*Laundry, cat boxes, garbage, and lawn mowed are all caught up. Still needing to vacuum. I hate vacuuming, oh and dishes. I got more birdseed for my feathered friends and planted my cucumber plant in a large pot. Yay CUKES!!!

Now for the stuff I have stacked or not completed:
*I haven't written, just written in a few days. That something I to change. I have a crap ton of writing prompts that I saved earlier this year. Also, I am serious considering using the sticker reward system. I need to find the link to the original post. Basically it's a reward system that for goals that you set aside, each day that you make a goal, you get the corresponding sticker/sticker color; i.e. blue sticker =writing 100 words, pink sticker = 500 words, red stickers = read some from the books I am reading, or yellow stickers = read from something new. Going to implement this into my daily regime.

 *Begin visiting my fellow "Blogging from A to Z" participants. There were a lot of them, and I want to support them. so, I am going to begin to visit a few at a time in the Road Trip (#1783).

*Going out hiking, walking, biking at least twice a week.

Remember to share the good vibes and visit the Blog Hop of fellow ROW-ers!

Have a great week, Dear Readers, Writers, Thespians, Dragon Lovers, Cat People, and all other type of beautiful people!


  1. Thank you for writing about those wonderful memories shared over a meal to honor your friend's passing. Your update today is full of energy (despite the tonsillitis). I loved the idea of stickers and the focus on what you DID accomplish -- yet you didn't lose sight of what you want to do. Wow! All those potential publishers? Impressive. I hope your work is soon accepted!

  2. yes all the best on the publishers - it really is the pits having tonsillitis (as a fellow sufferer) wrecks havoc with most good intentions - hope you are better soon and all the best this coming week:)


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