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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sonnet of Steam Pipe Alley

You know what's harder than writing a sonnet about Green Day, it writing a sonnet about the 80's kid's show Steam Pipe Alley and all in iambic pentameter too. Seeing as I knew next to nothing about the show, it wasn't one I watched with regularity, but from clips that David has shown me. It seems to have been a kid's game show with silly tasks to do to win prizes, some skits, and cartoon. It reminds me of Double Dare, Weinerville, and Commander Tom, but on crack! Hope you enjoy!

Screen shot of the show

Steam Pipe Alley (or A Long Time Ago…)

A long time ago the television
Saw the likes of one, Mario Cantone.
The games that were featured were the reason
For other such shows that were to be shown.

Do you remember that time when Mario was…
Imitating the great Sammy Davis?
When he introduced the game because…
All were there and waiting for the bonus.

You see, she had to find the hidden prize,
Somewhere deep inside a dish of stuffing
But there are rules; this is not a surprise,
She cannot use her hands and so she is laughing.

The funniest thing that has been conceived--
To see, because I wouldn’t have believed.


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