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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wanton Destruction and Friends...w00t!

This is what happens when a friend tells you to come over and help destroy shit.

Once there was a play set that had sat in the yard, alone, left forgotten in the rain or snow. The time had past and the children seldom came around anymore. It sat and waited, the days passing into weeks, passing into years.

It's wood beams starting to rot in places, and spiders lived in and under it's beams. Unused and practically forgotten, what would become of this lonely sentinel?

An honourable discharge, where the amputated limbs will be burn in an effigy of greatness to the gods and what is left will be commemorated in an ostentatious memorial to 
the rites of spring.

See the progress and fun that we had utterly destroying the play set and raping Chelsea's childhood. Oh, and Brian is Saw-some!!

 David took his turn with the Sledge-O-Matic! It really was some of the best therapy that he has had in years. You take that wood! No more will you provide hours of enjoyment for children! Damn you, to hell!!

 And yet, who suffered? Actually, no one! Everyone got a chance to take a crack at busting up shit. What did we have to show for it...well, a pile of burnables for the bonfire that night and an appetite for a yummy dinner prepared by Chelsea's Mum.

There was also puppies that came out to visit the wanton destruction, and one cat named Peanut who loved top walk by the fire.

It was a great day/evening with friends, food, and booze!

Suki and Mama Chelsea!
Me and Tank

Peanut and Sheriff

JP the Fire Starter!!

Burn Baby Burn!

Dammit Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a Street Sign!!

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