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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It's (almost) Showtime!

Quite short and sweet!

This week:
    *Theatre Stuffs: got the set going, began tech rehearsals (had a snowstorm that cancelled yesterday's rehearsal), cast looks and sounds good, getting final touches on the set, painting trimming and fireplaces, hanging pictures, interviewed this morning on WENY-TV (see here). I have two more rehearsals. not going to look at the script. My stage crew and light/sound tech are in control (which is harder for me as I do like having a degree of control). But, my confidence in this show and the pride in my cast supersedes that need to have my hand everywhere.
    *Reading: I did manage to read more of Five Little Pigs (Agatha Christie). TOTAL PAGES: 20.

The Rest of the Week:
    *Theatre Stuffs: shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
    *Reading: continue with Five Little Pigs.
    *Writing: have a new #writestuff challenge A Choice. I am excited, even with the busy days and nights, to have a specific goal to work on. Keeps me thinking.

A Round of Words in  80 Days, a blog challenge that allows you to set goals and report on the progress of said goals. It knows you have a life. And right now I have never been so aware. It's a Blog Hop, come in and visit with us. :-)

Not really much else, Dear Readers. Been so busy with Monkswell Manor that I have developed a British accent when I talk to everyone. It's been a grand time. I will be you on the other side. Lots of stuff and writing projects post Mousetrap.

Music for the Week:


  1. Break your legs. The accent will come in handy in the future

  2. Sounds like exciting times! Good like with your show, and congrats on your progress. :)

  3. Haha, when I did Grease, I ended up with a American accent even when I wasn'tI ended up with a American accent even when I wasn't performing.


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