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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quietly Positive and Epic

It's funny how when you finally open yourself up to other writers, it not as painful. I guess I was always worried about receiving criticism, whether constructive or not. OctPoWriMo gave me a chance to share my words, my poetry, and my writing with like minded people. Now it's NaNoWriMo! Writing unleashed.

I have seen a good many ROW80-ers and other fellow blogger posting WIP snippets, and I figured since I am NaNo-ing and ROW80-ing that I would post a snippet. It's nice to get honest criticism on something you are working on. Thank you to Beth Camp, Denise D. Young, and Shan Jeniah Burton for a bit o' insight, go and check them out.

I feel rejuvenated. I think I will be posting more snippets.

Anywhoo, onto the ROW80 update. It's been a fairly  quiet and productive week. The day job is slowing down and my winter theatre projects are not happening yet, just some prep work for the Improv show and Mousetrap auditions. More theatre stuff happening in December. this week is also the 2nd of KLP's 24 Hour Theatre events. Theatre created in 24 hours. I am not writing this time, which is fine, I like a break. Not that NaNo gives me much of a break. It's also what I do! Will be directing and acting this Saturday, in between writing, writing, and more writing. :-)


This week:
      *Writing: I am please with the progress on Road Trip, although the title is less about the actual road trip, but a new title is being elusive. I am still behind on my word count, but making my way long the path of the writer and NaNo-Land. I did surpass 25,000 words. So, that is something. Last years novel practically wrote itself, this year has not been linear. It has been very Wibbley Wobbley (it's a Whovian thing).
      *Submitting: last night I managed to submit Crying Mascara to 2 journals. I think another edit is do. But, am still trying with the current version.
      *Reading: I am plowing through The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood). I am hooked. Every available time I am devoting to it. Working my way through The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer) as well.
      *Social Media/Visiting: am back to my 3 to 4 blogs visits and keeping up with Twitter/Facebook.

      *Writing: get caught up on NaNo word count.
      *Submitting: submit to at least one more journal this week.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a Blog Hop where you can meet other like minded and fun people and their works. Stop by for a visit!

Some working music from my little radio.


  1. You're welcome. I certainly hope you'll share more of your work. It's always fun to see what fellow writers are working on. Have a great week!

  2. I've missed a few ROW80 updates, so I'll have to go back and find the snippet of your WIP. Congrats for putting yourself out there! :)

  3. I don't know how I missed this post! I can only blame NaNo - my fan fiction novel keeps getting longer, and I'm pretty sure I'm writing a scene that belongs to another story, or mostly, anyway - but I'm still writing it, because it's here, now, and I need to know what happens to finish out the scene. I'll almost undoubtedly chop it in revisions, and I'm copying the entire thing to my Scrivener file for the other project (the one I'm currently WIPpeting), so I can play with it there next spring.

    Happy to have been a little piece of positive in your life- now, may you avoid being snowed under! We're looking at possibly several inches, so I plan on piling up yet more words.

    24 hour theatre sounds amazing!


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