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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday it is...

Having one of those days, really bad headache and feeling generally icky, but still I persevere

Yesterday was the Hammondsport edition of 24 Hour Theatre. We had a great crowd of about twenty people. They are active and engaging, which is a great feeling to hear people who are responsive. The writers wrote some incredible works and the actors made them come to life. A good time for all.

Of course, while writing this I got another rejection letter for some of my poetry. It's a journal I have submitted to before. They give constructive critiques of my submissions. That is good, but I still feel like I am missing something. I thought I was getting better with my poetry. I know, I should take it hard. Most places don't give input on why they didn't choose my work. I am mostly being hard on myself. I just need to keep trying and keep the advise and input in mind when I submit works.

So, that happened.

This week:
      *Theatre: I directed and starred in one show, also hoad a small cameo in anther show for 24 Hour Theatre.
      *Writing: caught up on NaNo Novel, Road Trip Friday, almost 5000 words in one day. I didn't write yesterday because of 24 Hour Threatre, but I have clocked 1721 words today. Will catch up tomorrow morning. Feeling novel swinging into the homestretch. NaNoWriMo: draconicwitch (if you want to add me)
      *Reading: The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood) I can't put it down, will probably have it done by Thanksgiving. The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer), I am enjoying this immensely, with her truths and humour.
       *Submitting: two poems submitted to a local calendar contest for the Friends of the Chemung Watershed. Deadline  is December 1st. I won't know about this until much later, but I am pleased with the poems and myself for trying.

This week To Do:
       *Writing: Continue to catch up and stay caught up with NaNo.
       *H'port Xmas show begins to organize this week, so writing will be on and off for this project based on what idea (there are three working concepts to choose from) is chosen.
       *Submitting: want to keep this at three per week.
       *Reading: finish The Year of the Flood and start MaddAddam (Margaret Atwood).

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Have a great week, Dear Readers! :-)

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