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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Progress

Today's been a quiet day and the end of November. NaNoWriMo will be over in 5 hours and I am done. Well, I still have a bit more to write, but I hit 50393 words on Friday. It was the first time that I finished NaNo early.

It was very exciting to hit the 50000+ mark on November 29th! There was much happy dancing and back patting. So, I sat back and enjoyed visiting with my Dad and Aunt. Have some exciting this weekend, see below for greater details.

It'll be December tomorrow, the year is winding down and feeling good. Yet,  I am really surprised that the year has gone as fast as it has. I've been busy, maybe busier than normal. 2014 I keep busy. But, when I look back on it I am pleased with myself and how much I have accomplished. Much more to be done though; writing and editing and then get the writing out there, but it's been a grand ride overall.

Now, I have decorating to do, holiday specials to watch, yuletide cards to make/send, shopping/wrapping to do, and love to spread. It's been a good year.

The holidays used to make me grumpy. I had a few bad years some time ago, but over the last couple I have  found my happy, been inspired, found a good group of people to love and be loved me, and make my life something to be proud of. I spread the love, even when the world hands me lemons, I will persevere.

Get ready to enjoy my tribute to December as I make holiday magic in theatre and with words, Dear Readers. I have some new ideas for blogs and stories. I will find a way to fit them into the month. I always do.

This week:
     *Writing: wrote over 4000 words on Friday. Completed NaNoWriMo, The Real Road Trip. Also this The Real Road Trip. And for a LONG TERM GOAL, I want to work on Tale of Memories and All of Those Goodbyes, my past NaNo novels, 2011 and 2013. Not expecting work on those until Spring at the earliest. 
weekend I met with Allison, my friend from way back, fellow writer, and NaNoWriMo writer angelgal3276 (on twitter) and hashed out some details about my novel that I will work on with my January revisions. In January, between rehearsal for CSCT's spring show, Agatha Christie's The Mousetrap and surviving the winter, I will be revising
      *Reading: plugging through MaddAddam (Margaret Atwood) and The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer). I read Friday for a bit, but nothing else. Will pick back up on reading either before bed tonight or in the morning.

There really wasn't much going on this weekend, just traveling to Fredonia and eating turkey (actually Cornish game hens) at my Dad's with my aunt. It was a quiet and restful weekend.

To work on this week (Now that I have SOME more free time):
       *Editing: working on editing The Audition. Finally. I will have some time to look at this. Felt bad that this got pushed on the back burn, but time weight for no NaNo.
       *Submitting: 3 submissions this week.
       *Visiting: get back into 3 to 4 blog visits per day .
       *Theatre Stuffs: Working on the H'port Xmas show (in 2 weeks), Holiday Improv in Watkins on Friday, and begin to gather my Mousetrap audition materials for auditions in 2 weeks. Whatever doesn't kill me, right? :-)
      *Blogging: once a week (in addition to Round of Words updates). I like the ROW80 check-in, keeps me in line and connects  me to others.

Pile o' Reindeer
The holidays are coming and Xmas is beginning to throw up all over the Scott Household. Come over and visit the Round of Words in 80 Days Blog Hop. Come and meet some new friends and learn about things and stuff. Good times!!
Xmas Mantle
Merry Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, and warm wished to all!! 


  1. Congrats on the NaNo win ... and all the best with your goals for December. Have a Very Merry Christmas.

  2. I always enjoy reading the mix of writing and theater you're involved in. Participating in THE MOUSE TRAP should inspire some interesting writing as well. Congrats on finishing NaNo, even a day early. I cannot even begin to imagine writing 4,000 words in one day!!!! So relax, enjoy the holidays, and let the words continue to pop right into your stories.

    1. I'm glad you are amused by little ol' me. I did try to make all my writing, whether blog posts, poems, or writing snippets interesting.

      Thanks for visiting, next time I'll make cocoa and cookies! :-)


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