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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Good Week, Productive Week

Been a pretty great weekend over all! Got to see some friends perform their little hearts out. The students of Corning Community College theatre company, "Muse Afire" did a fantastic production of Jekyll and Hyde. The young man who played Jekyll/Hyde, wow, the dedication and the work on the Confrontation number, it was pretty awesome. Everyone was amazing and I am very proud of my young friends who got to perform is such a show. Also, there was Centre Stage Community Theatre production of A Delicate Balance. While not what I was expecting-I found it a bit wordy-but the cast pulled it off. They were what made the show for me. Very proud of my friend Dale, who has grown since doing the Odd Couple, many moons ago (2009, I think). He has grown as an actor, playing Tobias I was floored by his portrayal. This is why I do and am part of community theatre. I love to get the chance to see people shine and to  help people shine.

Cheers to the casts of Jekyll and Hyde and A Delicate Balance.

Remember to my NaNoWriMo novel...

This week have found me catch up on a lot of things, and after a full weekend last weekend, I really need to.Road Trip. Here's a bit of what I wrote today. Pretty pleased with the stories progress. Was worried that I would run out of story before 50K, but still going strong, just behind. Write  1,854 words today. Road Trip is the working title, that might change.

 I have spend a better part of the day cleaning my house and writing for my NaNoWriMo novel,

“I know we are late Mar.” She was juggling her purse and a plat e of cookies. “I was trying to rush. I had to finish your father his favourite cookies.” Marcie nodded. “I thought I would ask if he could have one tonight, as a treat.”

The two of them struggled out of the elevator and down the hall to the hospice wing. Marcie was carrying some flowers from Martin’s co-workers, they had stopped by earlier to give Sophia and Marcie the flowers. It had sent Marcie’s mother over the edge for twenty minute, adding to their lateness. She was also carrying, her bookbag, and an umbrella. It was a mess and very rainy, also making them late.

Marcie knew what waited for her, while her mother was blissfully unaware. And that made it harder somehow.

“Where are you going?” called a nurse at the nurse’s station. Sophia stopped and turned, no one had stopped her before. They always had let her go back to Martin’s room. She must have been new, her grey hair pinned back, making her wrinkled skin stretch across her face like a shrunken head.

“Just going to Martin LaCroix’s room, we brought him some cookies.” She smiled and held out the tray, offering her a cookie.

“Sorry, but you cannot go back there. Martin has been moved.” The lines on the old nurse face criss-crossed and made her look trollish and mean.

“Moved? Did something happen? Is his in ICU?” The look of worry to panic crossed Sophia’s face.

“No. He passed last night. Sometime after you and your daughter left.” The wrinkles made the word tumble out and fall to the floor of the nurse’s station. “Sorry for your loss…” but the words just blurred together. Sophia started to cry and Marcie just felt numb. Her mother stumbled down the hall to the nearest waiting room chair.

This week:
     *Reading: Finished Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood), started The Year of the Flood (Margaret Atwood), been working on The Art of Asking (Amanda Palmer).
     *Writing: I have hit the daily goal of 1667 words a day since Wednesday. Still behind where I should be, but I am continuing. I am going to hit 50k and by months end, by Hell or High Water. Total word count: 22,179
To continue work on:
     *Editing: since I am getting in a more consistent writing rhythm, I am going to work on The Audition this week. My slightly on the back burner 1 act. Maybe only a little, but I am going to return to it. I want a finished re-draft by rounds end.
     *Blogging: with some more brain power returning, I am going to make this a priority this week. I have a 'One Lovely Blog" award to respond to, complements of the beautiful and talented Jessica Scott.
    *Submitting: this is also on the docket for this week. A solemn promise to get 3 out this week.

I'm participating in A Round of Word sin 80 Days. Check out the Blog Hop to see what us writers/bloggers are up to. I am getting back on the horse, bike, roller skates and getting back on  track. What a ride this Round. How are your goals, Dear Readers (if you are doing AROW80, or not)? What's on the agenda this week?

Been on a Roy Orbison kick lately. One of my favourites. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for the look back to Roy Orbison. I also liked the snippet from NaNo as those moments of loss are indelible. My sister is a nurse, though, and she has said how tough it can be when family learns of the death of their loved one. The nurse in this scene comes across pretty cold, but maybe there's a plot reason? Otherwise you might be able to tag some more words. What if the nurse was the one who Marcie knew? Hope the coming week goes well with the word count!

    1. I've been thinking about the nurse. There will be more to this bit and expanded on this scene. There are the regulars nurses at the station, and then this new one.

      Thanks for the input and stopping by Beth. :-)

  2. Wow. Powerful passage. The only thing I noticed was that the nurse telling them about Martin's death feels rather abrupt. I feel like she would be more gentle, do/say something to prepare them to learn about his passing.

    Good luck with NaNo and all your writing/reading/theater-related goals!

    1. I was thinking about that. The passing of Martin is only a small chunk of the larger story, but a crucial part of marcie's character.

      You have me thinking about the nurse, Denise. Thank you! She was thrown in at the last minute. Writing for NaNo get me all kinds of random sometimes. I do need something for the nurse. Someway to tie her into the greater story.

      I will most likely post another snippet to glean more of the audience's opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  3. It seemed to me like the daughter knew that her father had died, but that her mother didn't. Why wouldn't the hospital have called? Or the daughter told her mother?

    These are the things I wonder, and they make me want to know more about this story...

    So much going on, and you're definitely moving forward. Now, just watch out for that snow....and be safe!

    1. And these are the things that I need to know to flesh out the story. Thanks, Shan!

      So far no too much snow. Buffalo is getting most of it. It's just been wicked cold.


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