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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Truth about 'Awoken'

I have been hearing and reading more and more about "Awoken", the first novel from 'new' author Serra Elinsen and mother of 5, who lives in the middle of no-wheresville Ohio. A relative unknown, almost an enigma. But she has a presence on the internet, I even follow heron twitter, Facebook, and read her blog. She's real, right?

Well, I have a confession....

I have truly read this book, but I have something to say about Serra.

I am in on the secret!

Well, it wasn't really a secret, but it wasn't made obvious that this book, "Awoken" was a hoax and one of the better, if not more interesting hoaxes out there on the internet.

Yes, I know Serra Elinsen is not a stay-at-home from Ohio. She is not even a real person! I know that "Awoken" was written by 3 very talented women who have a fantastic sense of humour. Well, played Team N-Chick (Nostalgic Chick)! Lindsay Ellis, Elisa Hansen, and Antonella Inserra teamed up to write the 'best' parodies of a 'Teenage Paranormal Romance Novel' that I have had privilege to read.

That's the secret! Serra Elinsen is really 3 plus or minus a few ghost writers and they fooled quite a number of people, me included! Although I was told of the true nature of the book shortly after my husband showed me the book. It was then that I decided that I would play along with this little diversion and read this novel and treat it as a real book review. I REALLY read the whole book. In about 9 hours. I used the tools of the internet to fuel the fantasy, even when others were debunking the story as a hoax. I tweeted my responses to chapters, much to the amusement of my husband and other followers. David was the original recipient of the 'advance copy'.

The review on this blog is a real review. I treated "Awoken" to the real deal review, including criticism and praise (where acceptable). I did not lie about my feelings towards the book. I chose to keep the truth about the author hidden because I respect Team N-Chick. As a fellow writer and blogger I like challenges and "Awoken" posed quite the challenge for me. I have NEVER read 'Twilight' or any of it's ilk. Honestly, I can barely stand the movies. In fact, I resorted to Rifftrax to be able to watch them without falling asleep (even then, I still fell asleep).

But, I was determined to read this book and give it the same consideration as any of the book/movie reviews that I do. "Awoken" definitely felt like a good case study in how to write a 'Teenage Paranormal Romance'. I didn't realize quite how large the genre was. I was familiar with a number of titles both in my local Target and Barnes and Noble, but I hardly cared if it was a genre before I picked up, "Awoken." But, a book about a teenage Cthulhu who loves in love with a mortal human, sound interesting at least, right?

"Awoken" feels like Twilight, at least how the movies appeared to me. It has raised my curiosity and I wouldn't be a conscientious writer if I didn't think about reading for myself and review it as a story. It would only be fair to give it the same treatment and I will in the near future. But, as a full novel really takes a bit to read, unless you are my friend Leah and can read a book in a day (fact!). I need time to adequately read the book, analysis and dissect the concepts, plot, or lack thereof. And thusly form an opinion.

So, my "Awoken" review stands as is. A terrible story that is contrived, yet there is an attempt at a plot and character development (albeit poorly, which is clearly the point). It's also a great read if you are NOT fans of "Twilight" and want a good laugh. Oh, and laugh I did!

Lisa, Lindsay, and Nella
I respect these ladies so much for writing something that made quite the impact. My hat goes off you you Lindsay, Lisa, and Nella! Well done. Well played!

Check out their site: CHEZ APOCALYPSE

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