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Sunday, August 25, 2013

62 Hours of Art and the End of Summer

Sad Statue
I am feeling just a bit sad this morning.

See, I noticed that the calendar says August 25th, and there is about a week left before school starts up again. It's the End of Summer!

This summer has been full of Summery Goodness, but it reminds me that Fall is right around the corner. Don't get me wrong, Autumn is my favourite season. There are so many good things coming: leave changing colour in a mad spectacle of colour, pumpkin spice creamer, sweaters, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, and early evenings. But while I love these things, I feel a deep sadness at the at Summer's End. The warmer weather, the greenness of EVERYTHING, carnivals, picnics, and the like.

So, how does one celebrate Summer' End.....with 62 Hours of Art located at the sprawling Beulahland in the heart of Cameron Mills, NY, just past the thriving metropolis of Risingville, NY. My wonderfully talented artsy friend Amelia has organized a 5 day festival artsy goodness that started with 60 Hours of Art in 2010 as a means of celebrate her Mom's 60th birthday (Jennifer Fais), and from there it has become annually event. Amelia organizes the event to include arts of all kind. The last 2 years that included an improv performance for all those in attendance, well received too! But, the Hours Arts Fest has included projects such as making the largest Godseye ever, music performances from local/and not local musicians, welding classes, living statue photo shoot, brick making, ceramics, Bob Ross painting and countless other projects over the years. This year 62 Hours was held at the end of August during Amelia's birthday and in a way a closing ceremony to Summer (not sure if this was intended, but I approve anyway). I got the pleasure of making the last day of 62 Hours.

I should note that while there are these awesome events, Amelia also invite people to come and create their own art while enjoy the festival, with many a painter, sculptor, and writer offering to create something from the 62 hours of Art. This was my task to find something I could create in 62 hours (it took me about 4 hours actually). Yesterday I spent the afternoon on the ground of Beulahland writing a play, a 1 act to be specific.  There are some lovely quite spot at Beulahland and coupled with some lovely background music, the ideal place (in my opinion) for writing, or painting (I met a lovely red-headed introvert painter who shared the front porch for an hour or so). I now have a new script under my belt. My hopes are to debut the script at 63 Hours (will be in talks with Amelia) next year!

Here is a brief phototrip through my day at 62 Hours of Art at Beulahland:

My starting place upon a little rock in the main grounds area. There a delightful hammock to rest your wearied bum and rest as the sign attached to the tree says to do. It is my first favourite spot and most inspired spot too!!!

 Then we moved to the living statue photoshoot. Here are some of the post shots with all of us covered in the colourful power from India's Holi: Festival of Colour. It was basically a colour war!!

Then I found my way to my second favourite inspiring spot and most quiet, Beulahland's front porch:

Here you get the cozy atmosphere of the faraway world, where most people do not trend. It is secluded and lonely, but there is joy and inspiration here. It is also the front desk/check in for 62 Hours. When I took up space here for an hour or so respite, it was quite quiet, with only the birds and a delightful red-headed painter who also sought the solace of the front porch. While out here I wrote the bulk of my yet titled 1 act. I will say this that the porch really inspired this specific script.

Here is my seat that I sat in, rustic and charming. I used this as a frame of reference in the script, except I made it a rocking chair. There's my artist friends painting corner.

Other projects and things:

 Bob Ross Painting:

Cindy's Happy Little Trees

Beuhaland's Hanging Gardens:

Clay Pidgeon Poetry: I made the words make sense!!

Coal in the bin rolling around and wrestling....

In the dirt painting and having such a..

For more information on Amelia and her Art, Beulahland (where lots of fun stuff often occurs throughout the year), and Hours of Arts Fest, check out the links (it's Sunday and links day!!!

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Beulahland Revival
Beulahland Facebook Page
62 Hours of Art

I will be reviewing the script and possibly posting and excerpt of it in the next week. It's been a  grand weekend. Thank you Amelia and Company!!!

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