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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poetry Time: Lady Cardinal

While I was cleaning the kitchen, I found a female cardinal munching on the seed that I had thrown into my yard to feed the feathered folk. There she was amongst the sparrows and chickadee, like a queen. I got inspired. First poem of 2013.

Lady Cardinal

How you rule
With your crown upon your head
Your subjects scatter around you
Chirping loud praise.

Oh, Master Jay!
How your suddenly appearance
Pester the Lady and make her blush.
You make the subjects fuss
And carry on so.

Within the barren cold
You too rule the plebeian sparrows
As you feast
Upon the seed in my yard.

I, who am like a God
To those feathered folk,
Lady Cardinal and Master Jay
Bearing  food in the bleak mid-winter.

With me, my guardians
Who are Cerberus to my Hades
As they watch the Lady and her subjects
On this, the Feast Day.

1:00 pm

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