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Friday, May 22, 2015

Zombie Haiku

Tonight's poetic fare is some haiku about the Core 4 of Zombie Prom. Haiku are short three line poems using the 5-7-5 syllable meter to tell a story within that small bit. It's a form that I really like and it is not always easy to keep the thoughts concise enough for 5-7-5. But somewhere in the middle of crazy lengthy epic poems, it is nice to have a simple thought or concept tell a whole story. I took the 4 main characters and wrote haiku for each of them: Toffee, Miss Strict, Jonny, Eddie.

If you know that show, care to wager on who is represented in what haiku?

If not, are you curious for more?

Tomorrow (Saturday the 6 main teenagers will get cinquains written for them. Come back and see Ginger, Coco, Candy, Josh, Joey, Jake get their own poems. 

Enjoy tonight poems, Dear Readers! And come to the show May 29th and 30th. :-)

Getting the story
Telling the "truth" to the world
It's the beat I seek.


Making the rules count
Running school like a machine--
harder to the core.


Having all the love
Is worth more than the leather.
Will prove he is true.


The luckiest girl
And is the saddest one too.
For her choice to make.

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