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Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Support Sytem Online: Links Sunday!

I don't do shout outs, but I do like giving credit to where credit is due.  I have some VERY supportive friends and some great mentors. Today I want to tell you about them.

Vicky is the first. My writer friend in Washington state. She has been a great resource and source of encouragement with my writing. She is currently writing  her own fantasy series: The Destinies of Mirnth. She has a Facebook page as well: The Destinies of Mirnth Facebook. I have to saw that I am excited when these books are finished on an the shelves! Oh, yes, she is an AMAZING artist, whether its pencil or watercolours. Her website has some of her drawing for the series and a link to her blog page that has some of her work.

James Owen is probably the coolest person you could have as a mentor. He's an amazing writer and daring soul that bares in all in his Meditations Trilogy. When he talks, you give him respect. The advise and encouragement he has given through his words has been priceless. I cannot thank him enough with helping me to see that my goals are reachable. Check out his website: Coppervale International. He also has a Facebook page: James A. Owen.

There is Allison, my friend from way back and college (when we hooked back up after a spell). She has rediscovered her blog and is going at full tilt. She also writes poems, prose, and stories, pretty good too (not biased at all). Go and check her out: Angel Gal's Realm. Oh, she also knits and crochets. I don't think I have ever seen her without some form of yarn or thread. :-) Her baby blankets are beautiful! Angel Gal's Esty Shop

Carrie-Lee Touhey makes cookies, very yummy cookies!!  Just recently she and her husband have open their own cookie shop in Hyannis, MA with fresh homemade cookies, and other local homemade products from ice-cream to coffee. You can also place order for cookie if you are have in the area to visit The Cape Cod Cookie. Check it out, Eat the Cookies: The Cape Cookie Cookie. Cape Cod Cookie Facebook page here: Facebook page.

Hannah Rockcliffe is a multi-talented  musican, singer-songwriter on the internet. She make youtube videos of some amazingly beautiful music. She has a live steaming show at, search for Hannah-Rei. Her website has all of her music available for purchase, or you can get her new albums on iTunes. Check out her website: Hannah-Rei. She is a little bit Soul and a little bit R & B and all British!

Finally, my wonderful husband David, he blogs about Public Domain Cartoons here: VCR from Heck or his videos on YouTube: DAScottJr or Funny or Die: DAScottJr. He has been more than supportive in my writing and blogging endevours. Thank you!

I leave you with this.....Your Welcome!!!

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