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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Big Questions of Writing: The Ws (sans H)

I stumbled upon this today at the poetry blog, OctPoWriMo via my friend Morgan Dragonwillow (check her out on twitter). It made me think about the big questions about writing. Why do I write (or anything really)? What is the purpose? Where do do I often write? There are a mountain of questions that running through my head when I read the blog post: HERE. I am not sure I completely know the answers, but I am curious. And once the thoughts start jumping on the big bed that sometimes is my brain, I have to answer them. As my first love is poetry, I thought I would look at those big questions tonight, regarding poetry. 

Why do I write poetry?

The base reason is simple. I write poetry to get my thoughts, feelings, concerns, and general observations of me and all world out of my head. That's how I felt in High School. When I had a vastly different view of the world, one that wasn't always fair and I was too afraid to speak my mind. But, is that all? Recently I started writing sonnets, cinquains, rondeaus, and pantoum in abundance. My current thought is that I write poetry as a challenge, to put into words what I see, in different ways. Maybe to increase my vocabulary. Maybe to put into words something that has no words. Maybe just because. I have always loved words and poetry have only expanded my ideologies on words and literacy. I write poetry because sometimes the world needs a sonnet of vertebrae, written as a love story.

Where do I write poetry?

I do a lot of write at my laptop, while I am working on other projects. I have started writing Haiku through my twitter account. Haiku has become a challenge. I will write Haiku either via twitter or in my journal as often as possible. I also write in my journal. Sometimes I will pull out a notebook, I am usually carrying three of them, and write a poem. Note: I don't always write Haiku, that is just what the trend is with my brain. As for location I write in my study or on my porch primarily, but sometimes at my favourite coffeeshop, Soulful Cup.

When do I write poetry?

I can't settle on a time. Sometimes I write in the morning, other times during the day, it just depends on my mood and when the muse strikes. I do feel that I get more inspired by the early morning hours.

What/Who do I write?

With poetry I do not limit my subject matter. Everything is fair game. Sometimes that's the fun and definitely a challenge, especially when writing about Beer, Baldness, and Spaghettios. Not in the same poem, although that might be an interesting challenge. Everything is fodder for writing. It gets you a great chance to complete a poem if you write about anything and everything, person, place, or thing. If its a noun I will probably write about it.

I hope you enjoyed this blog, Dear Readers. I will revisit the last BIG question, the How, at another time. So, why do you write (poetry, stories, scripts, etc)? Where do you write? When do you write? What/Who do you write about? Have a fantastic night! Leave me some love below.

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