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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thoughts on the Autumnal Shift.

Today is the first day I noticed that the leaves are in full colour change. It always sneaks up on me. Why? Because I will watch the surrounding hills and see a dash of reds and yellow. And then BLAM, Russet Golds, Oranges, Bright Red. Always after I stop looking at the hills and focus on something else.

I was thinking about the fall foliage on the way home from Watkins Glen. I had been pulling costumes for the The Lake Country Player's Ghost Walk next Saturday during the Falls Harvest Fest. So, I am feeling tired from rummaging through bins of straw hats and skirts of ALL colours and mostly the same size.

Anyway, I was watching the hills and keeping an eye on the road as well. The trees look like paint brushes dipped in Crimson, Yellow Ochre, Russet Gold, and Burnt Sienna, although a fair amount of greenery still spills across the hills. I love Autumn so much, because of the crisp mornings and evening, there is the colour change and crunchy leaves upon the  ground, but the over abundance of Pumpkin EVERYTHING. Much is to be enjoyed during this season, but I like having the warm weather. We are currently having a bit summer throw back this weekend, not an Indian Summer, just a warm spell.

I personally love watching the foliage change, It's the most thrilling part of the Autumn season. I get excited seeing new colours exploding onto the trees. But, there is the crisp feeling to the morning air; different from the everyday crisp morning air. The Early Autumn morning has this calm bite to it, it's peaceful, yet you are aware of everything. At least I am aware  of EVERYTHING, and I am NOT a morning person, even though I do have to wake up at 6:30/7 every Monday through Friday. I usually am thinking about my bed or my cup of coffee. And it a slight extent, the pulling out of the hoodies. I don't own a lot of sweaters, but I do have hoodies, so I pull them out! :-)

I pass this tree on my way to work every morning. It stands guard at the entrance to the Crystal City Saddle Club's grounds. I noticed that the leaves were changing and wants a photo. I usually head to work about 8:30 am and this morning there was a lot of fog. My favourite part of an Autumn Morning that is already awesome. Fog! I love it. But, onto the tree, I thought about it and after reading Agatha Christie's Death in the Clouds. I thought about the character of Lady Horbury and the tree made me feel like Lady Horbury or maybe Miss Venetia Kerr was putting on a red coat, or may red cloak, because it's been a subtle change. Like she was slowing donning a riding cloak.  A lovely tree and a lovely vision.

What, Dear Readers is it about Autumn that you like. If you are not partial to Autumn, what is your favourite season and why? I have a few days between Rounds. Going to check up and prep for Round 4. I have the Historic Ghost Walk in Montour Falls next weekend. I pulled a shit ton of dresses and skirts for the ladies, along with hats, gloves, and shawls. And I feel like I had a work out too!

I start reading The Last Unicorn for my first Book/Movie review, next week. See you on the flip side, Dear Readers. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Autumn colours, not to mention frost early in the mornings. Speaking of which I haven't prep for Round 4 yet, and its just half a day away. I will have to gather some dried grass aka hay for dog so he can be comfy.


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