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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

ROW80 Check-in: Short this Week

It's late and I am tired from the previous week activities. I could make a full report of today, but not feeling quite so energetic. I stayed for the whole rehearsal, getting ideas for props and such. By the time I got home I am ready to crash. So tonight will be short. Still a productive though.

What have I been doing:
     *Reading: so close to finishing The Gun Seller and have decided on the next book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman.
     *Blogging: blogged yesterday and planning to blog over the weekend, Friday or Saturday.
     *Writing/Editing: wrote a press release for the show I am involved in. Needs to be revised and a few details added. Then I can have the hubs and Sara (my technical betas) read it. Should be ready to submit by next week. Edited "Wearing the Mask". More to follow.
     *Visiting: been sticking to visiting/reading/commenting on blogs everyday, at least 3, although sometimes up to 4.
     *Sticker journal: caught up!
     *Journal: back to two days a week. Morning work best for this/ I have the most to say and am more focused.

Not so successful this week:
     *Scrivener: have not worked in it this week. Bad writer! Need to devote tomorrow to working on my current projects.
     *Submitting: nothing yet, am gathering some more sites to submit to and working on  new submissions for site that said to submit to their new issue deadlines.

Plans for the weeks:
     *Organization: just bought a couple of white boards to help keep me in line and on track.
     *Submitting and Editing and Writing: will be a long evening in front of the computer.
     *Miscellaneous: emailing, pulling together an Improv Show fundraiser for the Fall show, Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, outline the Christmas show, and other sundry activities.

I have training Saturday morning, mandatory training for work. That'll be FUUUUUUUUUUUUN! It's only once a quarter, I guess I shouldn't complain. It's the day job, I kind of need it. I like working there, so I will go and drink a lot of coffee. Check out my fellow ROW80-ers here at the Blog Hop. Anywhooo, have a great rest of the week, Dear Readers. I leave you with this...

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