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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

OctPoWriMo Days 24 to the end.... (Haiku Edition)

I happened upon an idea. What if I finished OctPoWriMo in a continuous haiku from day 24 to the 31? Setbacks and work schedules have set me three days behind, and with no new prompts posted (unless I missed where they were posted), I have had to improvise. This is not something new, the improvising, I mean. Haiku is a favourite form to write, and is still challenging to condense my thoughts to  lines of 5, 7, 5 syllables and still make sense

I find hope in words, from the wisest of sayings, to the silliest of jokes. I love a good terrible joke. I think not only is it good healing for me, but having the continuity from now to the end is good for my mental muscles. It will be simply titled, "Journey to the 31st", and I will add to this post each day. So, come back and keep reading.

Day #24 - (Haiku)

Enter the tunnel

All is darkness and shadows--

Light the lamp to shine.


Day #25 - (Haiku)

Even when alone

The lamplight is your closest--

As you travel on.


Day #26 - (Haiku)

With your feet, walking

And no clear path is mapped out.

Take a chance on faith…

Day #27 - (Haiku)

Be you afraid, Dear?
I know I cannot be there--
With one foot in front


Day #28 - (Haiku)

You are traveling.

It’s okay to be afraid

When it is dark out.


Day #29 - (Haiku)

Remember this piece--
Keep walking, even when you
Cannot see. Trust me!
Day #30 - (Haiku)

Will not be easy,
Will be the most scary thing--
That light, distantly
Day #31 - (Haiku)

Begins creeping close--
A round dot, becoming a
Circle to envelope.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

OctPoWriMo Days #22 and 23 - Free Haiku

 Sometimes it is just easier to write haiku when nothing else comes to mind.  As an avid haiku writer it has become really easy to compose a haiku at the drop of a hat. So, today poetic fare is haiku...


Day #22 - Untangle (Haiku/Free Verse)

I feel knotted up
Like a ball of yarn tangled--
Cannot find the end.

Day #23 - (Haiku/Free Verse)

Everyday I am
Greeted with twitchy noses-
Give us Yogu Drops!

Friday, October 21, 2022

OctPoWriMo Days #20 and 21 - Free Shaping Verse

 Day #20 - Shadow/Triggers (Shape Poem)

It's a Candle



That I can see--

It fills me 




I am alone

I am here.

What am I

To do with

This darkness.

I am afraid,




To light

The darkness.


Day #21 - Heartbeat (Free Verse)

Seeking Sanctuary

There is solace,

In the silence,

In the heartbeat,

In the moment

That you know of.

There is solace,

In the noise,

In the song,

In the cacophony

Of daily living.

There is solace,

In the k knowing,

In the dreaming,

In the praying

Or meditating

That I find all the more necessary.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

OctPoWriMo Day #19 - Self-care Haiku

 Simply titled,

Self-Care Haiku

It takes a moment
To unravel the stresses--
In a hot teacup.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

OctPoWriMo Days #17 and 18 - Haiku and Haibun

 Day #17 - Haiku Love (Tri-Level Haiku)

My Broken Chi

Busted energy
Leaving a broken soul shell
Only breathing now.

In the empty halls
With the ticking grandfather
As my only friend.

Out from the shadows
Whisping slowly across floor
My chi has returned.


Day #18 - Flaw/Weathered/Wrinkle (Haibun)


Eyes opened to the dim sunlight filtering through the partially opened curtain. It is morning and the reminder that it is time to get up. Wispy trails of late fog weathered the view of the outside. Nothing could be more depressing to the current state of the bedroom. Alarm begins chiming and eyes close tight.

Warmth spilling around

Pressure tight and now sweating--

I am now smiling.

Monday, October 17, 2022

OctPoWriMo Day #16: Laughter (Blitz Poem)

 Day #16 - Laughter (Blitz)

Blitzing Silly

Rolling dice

Rolling like thunder

Thunder claps

Thunder booms

Boom goes the door

Boom goes the laughter

Laughter makes me

Laughter is medicine

Medicine for the soul

Medicine to take

Take me away

Take in all

All of the time

All I know

Know this

Know that

That was funny

That made me giggle

Giggle first 

Giggle some more

More laughter

More silly

Silly is the moment

Silly is my husband

Husband makes laugh

Husband  laughs

Laughs out loud

Laughs together

Together we find it

Together we are

Are you watching?

Are you reading?

Reading  this poem

Reading the directions

Directions to build

Directions on life

Life maybe silly

Life is serious

Serious I can be

Serious later.

Later may be too late

Later it has to be

Be that as it may

Be the truth

Truth faces you

Truth about me. 



Saturday, October 15, 2022

OctPoWriMo Day #15 - Surrender Fears (The Bop)

 Day #15 - Fears: Surrender/Discover (The Bop)

To Ignore the Elephant

It’s an obvious elephant,

Leaning against the corner, so

You cannot ignore its sight.

It is viewed from every angle

And you cannot make its eye

No matter how you try to avoid it.

Imagine my fear of the irrational.

Silence will say it best,

Even when you know better.

There is no reason to bring it up,

When ultimately the fear will speak

And speak loudly that cannot be ignored.

So, eat your rice pilaf and

Talk about the weather.

Imagine my fear of the irrational.

After dinner, nothing is said,

And makes my fear grow

As more silent I become

Until my spouse says plainly,

“Use your words, please…”

And the elephant sits at the table.

Imagine my fear of the irrational.