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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 20: So Spoke the Queen... (Free Verse, Tetractys)

Prompt: White; Word Prompts: purity, hero, clean, light, energy; Poetic Form: Tetractys

from MorgueFile
What is Yours?

Across fields
is the hero
hauling the heaviest stone, bloodied.
Wanting to give up the battle to rest,
yet the light glows

I had been thinking a lot lately, about what makes a hero and the like. I always thought that heroes can bear more than mere man, whether in strength or knowledge. I also had the thought that heroes went into battle. What I failed to see when I was younger--or as recent as last year--that heroes are the one who bear the weight long past when they think they carry it, yet they still carry it.

I am not a hero, Dear Readers. What I am is a fighter, a warrior, striving to become a hero. I make mistakes, learn new things, and when the weight becomes too much, I rest and pick back up and carry on. Between meeting my mentor and reading his words, talking to him, and finding my own path, I have open up to the possibilities that anyone can be a hero, and anyone can carry the burden, the weight beyond what they though they could. It's about truth, both the good and the bad, there are many truths and crucial that you and me must see that. We must see that and keep going.

Something else that was wandering through the hallways of my mind, as a hero we owe it to the world to help others. This is where my mentor sneaks in. "We are all running our own race and not in competition with each other. We must help each other to the finish on." Okay, that was probably slightly paraphrased, but that is the idea. We need to fight our battle, run our race, but also help others along the way.

Also, it is okay to rest, to stop and gather your forces before the coming battle. No one will think ill of you (if they do, then they are slug brains.).

This means that I need to tell me story, honestly. I need to keep moving my stones to mountains (see the Celtic Woman song below and you'll see what I mean). Need to take care of me. It's been a long month. I can't believe is so close. I need to get a pumpkin, bake Halloween goodies, hand out candy, and go and celebrate Samhain (Halloween). Make this month worth living even if I struggled, lost a battle or two, and gained much more. Be the hero that I want people to see. And i am going to build my personal mythology, but that is for next month. Onto the poem, Dear Readers. This is a poem of heroes and finding the hero within you (me).

So Spoke the Queen...

Truly the lights shines
where steps the hero,
across the battlements 
fighting against the enemy.

Tears comes to eyes,
wounds bleeding freely,
across the landscapes
is the stories we all know,
of heroes and kings
left to die
left alone,
yet somehow they still stand anew
carving a way through.

And battles not always fought 
with sword
here I sit,
wars within me,
bruised and bloody;
trying to keep the fight going.

Heroes are not just
knights in shining armour.
Heroes are everyman
their lights,
crossing out across the darkness;
like mine
though weary I am,
and wounded,
lifting the unmovable mountain,
I am a hero,
knght errant, maybe,
lost czarina,
or hidden queen--
a beacon lighting the way
even under the most crimson skies
and ice cold winds.
I will not fall...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 19: Woodsy Ode (Odes)

Prompt: Trees; Word Prompts: Forest, Sapling, Seedling, Woods, Mossy; Poetic Form: Odes

An ode is poem praising a person, place, or thing (a noun). Today's poem is praising trees. Simple, Dear Readers? Actually it is. I haven't written anything in a form in close to a week. An ode gives me a chance to focus my writing into something specific. Granted, I didn't have to rhyme and count syllables today, but I do feel that returned to a form of mine own. 

So, I leave you, Dear Readers, with my praise of trees. What are your favourite types of trees, memories of trees, what you love, like, or hate about trees? Leave me a comment below...

from MorgueFile
Woodsy Ode

Upon the boughs do swing,
and vines
all shapes are size.
Give me the shade,
under your wide berth,
a forest of soldiers
not on the march,
but standing stock still,
as sentinels,
where I read
my peace
and birth ideas
under mossy branches
of willow,
and  birch--
they hold back 
asking for no other,
let us do them the honour
of their caretakers be.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 18: Isolation Drama (Free Write)

Prompt: Senseless

Word Prompts: senseless, absurd, irrational, unconscious, empty

Never have I ever sat in an isolation tank, and after this story I m NOT sure I would feel comfortable, even if I managed to work through stuff. I have one REALLY BIG fear, beyond all other fears, that of being utter alone. Isolation tanks are something I am not sure I could survive. I don't know, as I haven't tried one. This guy's story at the Huffington Post was certainly interesting, but not sure if I am ready. In the mean time, Dear Readers, here is a poem about how I feel I might react to a stay in isolation.

Isolation Drama

Absurd are the thoughts,
running through my head.
Senseless wanderings,
From MorgueFile
that take me past memories,
times both wonderful
and I feel irrational,
believing in things long past,
or only just starting.
Its like my own turn,
within a floating casket.
I don't even know
which way is up;
a nightmare
in the day?
Cause I don't know what time it is.
Panic surges,
I am sure I will never escape
this personal hell
of memories
and emotions;
but then I see the light,
even in the pitch dark,
reason returning,
as the timer buzzing,
signaling time's up.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 16 and 17: In-depth Savory Moments

Two for one today, Dear Readers.

Mid-month and I feel like I have walked into Free Verse Central. I who used to be so quick to jump on the poetic forms that were offered up as offerings to the gods. This last week I have bee skirting the edges of Free Verse town,hiding away from Sonnetville, or Villianelle Village. Free Verse Central, its not a terrible place actually, I have been finding to images to write about within this universe. Ha! Look at that, I found my theme (the universe, universes), and its still here, alive and well. I kind of went ijto the inter-personal universe that exist within all of us.

What things do you get in-depth? What is savory to you?

For me, my writing gets very in-depth at times, well most times, am am almost in-depth about things that I collect, whether its music, or Doctor Who stuff. And I think coffee, cheesecake, and really good soup is savory, but I also think that people are savory, and that is why I hang around the savory souls  do.

Savory: pleasant or agreeable in taste or smell. Piquant: of an interestingly provocative or lively character. 

I hope you enjoy the poems, Dear Readers.

Day 16: In-depth

In Too Deep?

Nothing is too deep,
you see,
I don't do simple.
as deep as the ocean,
maybe deeper--
if that is possible;
or forever as eternity goes,
even if that is cliche.
I don't see endings
only the possibilities.
I am in-depth,
Just you try to stop me.

Day 17: Savory

Savory Moments

In that moment, and you know
pleasure on your mind,
in thoughts
of images,
a smell  of
you don't even know of what,
just piquing your interest.

What was that?
An aroma of-- 
the sight of movement--
you hear your name.

All senses awake,
when savory scenes ignite,
or aural pleasures.

your favourite music,
a plate of cheesecake
or mac n cheese,
or even the sight of someone held dear.

In these moments,
we are alive
don't lose that 
give in to the moments,
the memories,
and see what the world has granted you.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 15 - Within Blue (Musette)

Prompt: Possibilities (Musette)

Word Prompts: melancholy, northern, blues, noble, elated

from MorgueFile

Within Blue

Ocean blue--
down to the core
is true.

When sad
wrapped in blues
feel bad.

Truth is
Am somewhat lost 
in bliss.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Day 14: Shame on Haiku

Prompt: Shameful (Haiku)

I don't want to rhyme this month it seems, and counting iambic feet just makes me antsy, at least today it does.  I can write some awesome Sonnets and Villanelles, but tonight after walking around my old college, I got a little thoughtful. Shameful is such a negative word, causing disgrace; and while I have felt shame many times in my short life, I would rather take a humourous approach. I am just tired of negative today, from everything it seems and want to take the lighter approach. There will always be shame and shameful moments. How can there not? I hope to overcome any of my shame learning, growing, and moving on from the things that have made me feel shame before, mostly by my own doing too. But this goes for anyone I have shamed too. That's important!

Okay, before I get too bogged down with semantics and details and such, lets get to the poem. I seldom get to write haiku with a good punchline. Most of my haiku are pretty, sometime whimsical, or even just plain strange. To take a lighter note I am going for the haiku with a purpose, one to laugh at the shame and help dissolve it.

Enjoy, Dear Readers! :-)

Shame on Haiku

When you see it done
aghast at the mere sight of
a poem not written.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 13: Come, River Ether (Free Write)

Prompt: Flowing (Free Write)

Word Prompts: slide, emanate, continuation, pressure, rhythm

I believe the ruling force of the universe consists of a river of energy, or Ether. A spirit element that brought life to the void, the chaos (like Yahweh, or other Deities of your choice). This energy--I believe--is part of what artists tap in to to create, so along with their own experiences and knowledge, the ether is a inspiring force. Much like the Greeks believed in the Muses, goddesses that inspired mankind to write beautiful poem, carve great structures, weave soft fabric, sing powerful songs, so is this Ether.

I love the image of the Ether being a river, flowing through the world, heavens, universe. It is something we are connected to and I was inspired to write words that express this belief, concept, idea. Of the River Ether, that beats of the life force, creative forces that rules this universe/world.

What, Dear Readers, it is that inspires you? What is the driving force behind your creativity? How do you get inspired when you haven't been inspired in a long time?

from MorgueFile
Come, River Ether

A beat--
A chant--
leading your head into a rhythmic pulse.
Its where to find the flow,
your flow
within the river ether--
that drives the universe.
Easy to find,
Easy to lose, 
never truly far away,
only when you feel lost is it far away,
but you only have to listen,
just listen
for the beat,
the thrum,
the pulse
and once again
you will be swimming in the river,
cleansing your soul,
your mind,
and thus creating
something out of the flow.