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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Review With Me: Murder League of the Justice Express

Murder on the Orient Express

I am an avid Agatha Christie fan. I have read about a dozen Hercule Poirot novels. He is my favourite of the Christie characters. There is something about the short little Belgian detective and little grey cells, what he calls his mental processes. He is a quirky little man with a mustache from here to forever who has the ability to solve crimes that seem to be unsolvable to others, like things just so, and tends to butt in where you think he doesn't belong.

Christie, herself, had ridden the Orient Express, and there were two cases where the train had been trapped, which led to Christie's inspiration. Of course the Armstrong case in the story/movie was inspired by Charles Lindbergh's baby being kidnapped and murdered in 1932. The Orient Express definitely proved to be a fertile story to be inspired by.

Kenneth Branagh plays Hercule Poirot, the Belgian detective who  is riding the Orient Express on route to the Armstrong case. He is tired and in desperate need of a vacation, but then murder happens. As time passes, Poirot finds out just how deep the Armstrong case goes and the lies leading to murder.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead (maybe)!* 

We are introduced to the other passengers a governess, a doctor, a professor, a princess and her servant, an art dealer, his employee, and his butler, a woman nurse, a salesman, the Contessa and her husband the Count, a widow, the host, the conductor, and finally the detective.

The best part about this movie/novel, is that you don't really know what is going to happen, and at times even Poirot is frustrated with the case and the lack of cooperation of his fellow passengers. So, you as the audience is just as lost as the passengers, but then you start to realize that maybe someone is not all that honest.

This movie is beautifully shot, from down upon the actors, from the outside of the train, looking into the cars, at dinner, in the hallway, giving you the feel of containment and is creepy at times. The train is snowbound on a mountain pass, just before a tunnel, so they are as isolated as you can get, even when the railroad crew arrive to dig the train out. What struck me as cinematographic genius is that at every point you feel just and closed off, secluded, and stuck as the passengers.

As for the acting, well, it is an all star cast, featuring Michelle Pfeiffer, Derek Jacobi, Willem Defoe, Dame Judi Dench, Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, and Leslie Odom Jr. Each one brings something to the movie. I was most impressed with Branagh, who while he changed up Poirot character, I felt that brought something different to the character.  Poirot wasn't frail, but he wasn't a master of badassery. Branagh gave Poirot a bit up fisticuffs and liveliness that I think makes him more interesting to a modern audience. I have discuss this with fellow Christie fans, and so far it isn't always in agreement, but when you adapt a movie, sometimes changes happen. Yes, there are those who will not like a Poirot who can chase after the assistant-who is trying to hide evidence of his transgressions-and get into a fist fight with him. But, I also don't see that as a bad thing, it made Poirot more relevant, and the movie more entertaining.

Also, something to consider, the book in question is much drier than the movie, so often director and screenwriters will change thing up to make a movie more engaging.

Favourite characters include Mrs. Hubbard (Pfeiffer), Dr. Arbuthnot (Odom), Hector MacQueen (Gad), , and Miss Mary Debenham (Ridley), all of whom are very convincing as their characters, whether caught is a lie, and refusal to answer Poirot's questions. For an ensemble movie, it is important to be able to have good working chemistry and this cast is stellar in their believable is hiding the truth about their identity (the Contessa), their real names (the Princess and the Widow), or their profession (the professor).

*Warning: Spoilers!* 

I will say this, I was glad that Johnny Depp was regulated to the role of body. While he is talented, ts movie is about the other characters and the movie is stronger because of it. And as a movie where ALL of the cast (except Poirot) is the murderer, it is important to have a strong cast.

Orient Express is a different mystery, because all of the characters are tied to the death of one man who killed one little girl. Yeah, that's a MAJOR SPOILER, but damn if it isn't ingenious of Christie to write a mystery that involves everyone as a suspect, and actually follow through with their guilt.

I very much recommend this movie for the mystery fan, Agatha Christie fan, or a fan of any of the actors in this movie.


Justice League

Having little knowledge of the DC Universe I had little prior knowledge to judge the following movie. I am rating Justice League the movie under the comprehension of the story, the acting quality, and the entertainment factor.

First off, I don't generally like Ben Affleck, and I never saw Batman Vs. Superman, so I am just reviewing Affleck as Batman for this movie. Affleck makes Bruce feel real, yes a real douchebag, but real. Someone who is haunted by his past, but also someone who is committed to doing the right thing.

Gal Gadot, as Diane Prince, well I was impressed with the Wonder Woman movie. She gave life to a beloved character and she took no shit in battle or in love. She was definitely a voice of reason in Justice League, but that is what it needed, someone who cares and will tell Bruce Wayne he is making a mistake. She is exotic and brave, but also afraid. That is something the struck me as different i Justice League, every single character (hero) is broken and afraid, yet their find a way to break away from their fears to fight Steppenwolf.

Okay, Steppenwolf, yeah, him, remember the big horny guy? I knew NOTHING about this character, and yet he was refreshing. I don't even know why. A big, bad guy, who wants to take over the world, the universe with the Mother Boxes. Okay, that was weird, the Mother Boxes/Unity? Can someone explain that one to me, please?

Every single superhero in Justice League (the movie) is broken and flawed, I love that, and that drove the story along and kept me interested in what was going to happen next. There was believably and growth to the character. Diane Prince is my favourite, but Arthur Curry, Aquaman is a close second.

One thing I wish that they had explain more, or at least gave more for the actors to work for the Flash and Aquaman, because they really spent a lot of time of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. Cyborg was detailed, but there were times where I think he could have been brought forward more. It didn't bother me that Superman wasn't fully in the movie, the plot didn't need him there until the end.

It is a solid movie, even though I know the critic have been hard on it, and the change in director, the re-shoots, and multiple writers were sometimes obvious. It was bad when I noticed Batman's scruff was in one shot and then not in the next, and then is switch back.

I like the combination of mythologies blended together, from Amazons (Greek) to Atlantians, spaceman (Superman) to mutants (The Flash and Cyborg). It reminds me of other books that combine and re-write mythologies. If you are curious, well, go and read The Chronicles of the Imaginaium Geographica by James A. Owen.

I recommend Justice League to anyone who like a good action movie. To the die hard fans to have rejected, I am sorry it doesn't fit with your universe, but I think it is still a strong. And as I said at the top of this review, maybe it is because I  know less of the DC Universe, but I still stand by everything I said before.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween in School and Beyond

There are a lot of things about Halloween that make it a fun time of year. Most of it stems from Halloween traditions that I took part in in school. so, Dear Readers, let's take a trip down the Halloween lane...

I remember the joys of getting lots of candy that I cold horde over like a mini chocolate dragon. Or watching the spooky movies, of course back then the spookiest thing I watched was Halloween, which isn't that scary or Charlie Brown. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy watching it every Halloween. There were the school Halloween parties and parade that made school a little less boring and a lot cooler when you could dress as Starlite (from Rainbow Brite) and eat cupcakes and candy all day, and there was no homework, usually.

I grew up in the era of the plastic costume. An idea that someone thought was brilliant and cheap with a plastic suit or dress (depending on the costume) and a plastic mask that was often hard to see through and VERY hot to wear for long periods. I don't have any pictures that survives of the costumes I wore in the time period, but here are a few that I scrounged from the internet.

I do remember wearing the She-Ra one, and I had the Starlite one year, and even needed patching in the arse end due to the fact that if you sat down too roughly, well, you ran the risk of blowing out your arse end.

She-Ra Princess of Plastic from 

There was also the free trick or treat bags the were given out by the schools a few days before Halloween. I remember that these bags usually had a few goodies tuck inside of the bag, like coupons for a free small French Fries or ice-cream cone from the local McDonald's, some reflective tape, maybe some stickers. Often the bags come from restaurant chains or local government.

Halloween in school also meant that you had to watch the safety videos, and there were two that circulated throughout the schools. The first one is the one I am most familiar with is this one. The best part is the riff that Horriffic Productions put out a few years ago, and they have become a staple of my yearly Halloween traditions. Those riff can be purchased at Rifftrax. They also riff various horror and spooky movies from Tremors to IT and Children of the Corn, all of which are worthy recipients to the riffing. Check them out! 

Halloween Special - It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Movie: Halloween 1 and 2 (it's like one looooong movie)
Scary Movie: The Haunting the original with Julie Harris.
Food: a good pumpkin muffin or homemade pumpkin pie.
Candy: anything chocolate.
Decoration: a pumpkin and orange lights.

My entryway lights...SPOOOOOKY!
My Pumpkin before going under the knife!
What do you like about Halloween, Dear Readers? Dislike?

I love getting to dress up as someone, or thing else.

I love any excuse to watch spooky scary stuff, even if I jump and get scared.

Tell me about some of your favourite traditions from both school and beyond....

Me as Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale with Khoshekh

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 31 - Halloween (Hallow's Eve)

Word Prompts: mysteriously random, foggy night, crimson, midnight, shadow, smoke, raven,
scarlet, umber, rust

Random Word Generator: pink, identical, herald, academic, pork, stage

Maena from MorgueFile

Hallow's Eve

It's all academic,
they say--
foggy night,
random shadows, 
but how do you know about the spooks
spirits that haunt Halloween night?

Give me shadows,
a quiet walk through a silent neighbourhood,
filled with pumpkins
and children's laughter,
and then suddenly 
you heard the music,
no one is around--
or are they?

Footsteps following,
hollow sounding on the concret pavement,
a glance back,
you know the feeling,
sure of the knife wielding
behind the hedges,
looking for his sister?

Darken house,
crimson light
coming from behind closed doors
and humming within the walls--
is this a nightmare
or just a fantasy created in my head?

Is this at all real,
or maybe just the result of
late night horror movie showcase.

Monday, October 30, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 30 - Forbidden (Rebel Desires)

Word Prompts: forbidden, denied, banned, rebel, conform

laryssamw from MorgueFile

Rebel Desires

That which is denied
only makes it more desirous,
to be a rebel within
the standards dished out by others.

Only makes it more desirous
to want to cheat the death of
the standards dished out by others,
drive faster, jump from planes.

To want to cheat the death of,
or maybe just read banned books,
drive faster, jump from planes,
the risk is worth the scrutiny.

Or maybe just read banned books,
like a piece of forbidden fruit,
the risk is worth the scrutiny
to light the darkness created by fear.

Like a piece of forbidden fruit,
I lap up the juices and rebel,
to light the darkness created by fear,
that is the ultimate response.

I lap up the juices and rebel,
to be a rebel within
to light the darkness created by fear,
That which is denied.

OctPoWriMo - Day 29 - Breathtaking (Dangerous View)

Today's Prompt: Breathtaking

All I can say about this day's prompt is think story time, Dear Readers. I played with images from fairy tales while concocting the premise of the poem, and then built a story around it, as a villanelle.

It helps to write a villanelle if I have a basic story already in my head, Dear Readers. I think i comes from the rhyming, it's much easier the rhyme if you are telling a story. At least for me it is.

Dear Readers, tell me what dangerous views you have seen on your life's adventures, and leave me some love. Enjoy!

FaFulanita from MorgueFile

Dangerous View

A brush with danger
shining ever so bright
with a petulant ardor

that gives you closure
for the gallant errant knight receives--
a brush with danger.

A challenge made fonder
that you must have to write
with a petulant ardor

of a full night of lunar
preparations for a fight,
a brush with danger.

There is none indeed nobler
in justice and of right
with a petulant ardor--

a lover of pleasure
that somehow might
greet a brush with danger
with a petulant ardor.

OctPoWriMo - Day 28 - Belonging (TRIBE)

Word Prompts: Affirmation, Clash, Community, Country, Estranged, Family, Flag,
Home, Team

Poetic Form: Clarity Pyramid

A Clarity Pyramid is a poem consisting of two triplets and a single line (7 lines in all). Usually, this poem is center aligned when displayed.

The first triplet has 1, 2, and 3 syllables. The title of the poem is the one-syllable word of the first triplet, which is displayed in all capital letters. This line is followed by a two-syllable line, and then a three-syllable line, both of which clarify the definition of the poem, or are synonyms for the title.

The second triplet has 5, 6, and 7 syllables. Its design is based around a life event contained within the triplet which helps give a poetic view or outlook on the first line (title).

The last line is 8 syllables, and is in quotations as this line contains a quote that defines the first word (title).

Melodi2 from MorgueFile



in what passes for
we know of love and trust
"arranged unconventionally".

This is a different style of poem for me to write, and while it wasn't difficult with this day's topic, I still had trouble find the right words. This poem mean a lot to me on a very personal level, Dear Readers, and not one that people are likely to guess. I leave you with the image I've created of happy bonds of a tribe. 

Mine is those closest to my heart, and I consider myself part of various tribes. The most important are the theatre and writer tribes with which I share a common love of theatre and writing. There is also my family tribe (which isn't always blood related), my blood tribe (family) of course, and other smaller or specific tribes (fandoms and clubs) like Whovians and Desert Listeners (Night Vale). If you think about it, Dear Reader, there are so many way you can sort yourself into tribes.

How you view your tribe?  Who is included? What do you stand for; gender, sexuality, similar interests, etc?

Leave me some love and a comment below. Enjoy!

Friday, October 27, 2017

OctPoWriMo - Day 27 - Haiku (Into Room Walking)

Word Prompts: Memories, Petals, Sweet, Springtime, Yesterday, Scents, Nature Love

Poetic Form: Haiku

The haiku is one that is generally about nature. It's a three lined poem that has a  5-7-5 form (five syllables, seven syllables,  five syllables). A classic haiku also has a seasonal reference and has focuses on  two different, but related image or ideas.

from MorgueFile

Into room walking

Into room walking--
wall of olfactory
scents make you smile.