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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A ROW80 check-in: Revison and Beyond

I am honestly really pleased with my progress this week. So much stuff and writing/revision happened this week. The weekend was a little less productive. After visiting some fellow writers, I have determined that "unplugged time", "Time away from the computer", or whatever you call it it is very important.

Spent Saturday evening having dinner and face time with fellow Whovians (Sara, Amanda, David, Ryan, Tara, and Kevin), watching the most recent Doctor Who, "Robots of Sherwood." We ate chicken parmesan and spaghetti and salad (made by Sara and Ryan Love. Yum!!!), hung out chatted about Doctor Who, books, movies, and all sorts of nerdy things, and of course watching Doctor Who. It was nice to see Clara fangirling in the episode. We also got a greater look at Teh Doctor. Don't worry, no spoilers today!! Oh and Robin Hood is my favourite legend and yes, I like the Kevin Costner and the Russell Crowe versions.

The other major thing is I am keeping my house cleaner. The laundry and dishes are getting the consistent attention they deserve. Not perfect, but seeing as I am not doing a fall show, I ultimately have more home time. Not to say that my fall and winter won't be full of stuff and things theatre related. In fact next weekend in the first of KLP's two 24 Hour Theatre events (September and November), I will be writing and directing for this one, I also need to work on the Ghost Walk with LCP and a possible Halloween  Improv Show in October, and the Hammondsport Xmas show in December. There is NaNoWriMo in November. OctPoWriMo in October. I also will be working on my Book to Movie Adaptations in October, as November is booked. So, yeah, I will still be busy-ish. I love it though, would change it for the work.

What I Did:
      *Writing: well, I wrote a scene with my protagonist/antagonist. Not sure which she is ultimately. I could turn "Road Trip" into a novel, or novella easily. It was a nice little scene. I do have to go back a re-read/revise it though.
      *Revision: I went and reviewed my rough draft for "Road Trip", imputed it into Scrivener, and completed a 1st draft. Actually, I discovered the ending needed a bit more fleshing out. That is next on the list. If I don't work on it tonight, that'll be Monday's project.
      *Visiting: since Monday, I have visited and/or commented on 3 to 4 blogs a day, except Friday when I was hanging with Brian at Soulful Cup and Saturday when caught up on Kait Nolan's blog (which I count, because I get email updates and made about 2 and half months of email updates to go through). That is the next plan, to keep up with my emails and blog comments.
       *Blogging: I have blogged twice this week, not including my ROW80 check-ins. I am really proud of this one. As the reason I started blog, is also the reason to return to it, because I have so many things to talk about and share, research and present.
        *Reading: finished "Abhoren"! w00t!!!

What I Didn't:
       *Submissions: I did not hit this hard this week. There are reasons, some are valid, others not so much. Let's just say that switching gears and changing ideologies, sometimes somethings get overlooked.
       *Reading: I actually was very good during the week, reading every morning and at lunch. Something about weekends and sunshine especially make it hard to read. Might be the summertime and the good weather. I did finish "Abhorsen" though and started "The Gun Seller" by Hugh Laurie, yes Dr. House writes and plays the blues. Also working on "Misty of Chincoteague" and "The Name of the Game" (Doctor 9 adventure). I and sill  4 book behind on my 2014 Book Challenge, so I need to work on that, without rushing the reading.

I just get wrapped up in the weekends and end up going out, hanging with peoples, and not doing my writing/revision/ reading goals. It's not a bad thing to actually interact with people. I did get much more accomplished this week, Dear Readers and that makes me feel wonderful.Anyway, a good week and a good weekend too.

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  1. You did a fine job on all of your goals, I think. The getting-out-with-people thing is probably my worst thing. I am such a hermit. Plus I spend all day on the day-job around people, so just want to hole up when I am not at work. But I know that isn't healthy. I'm glad you were able to "unplug" and hang with those you have a lot in common with, and spend some time just vege-ing.

    Keep on plugging away.


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