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Sunday, September 14, 2014

ROW80: A Writing Extravaganza

After binge writing/directing/acting for 24 Hour Theatre I always feel tired. Part of it is that I usually get between 0 to 4.5 hours of sleep from Friday night to when I crash Saturday night/Sunday morning. This time is no exception. I wrote my show from somewhere around 7:00 pm, get the cast list at 6:00 pm until 11:45 pm when I finished a complete rough draft. I then drove home and edited the script one last time before sending it off by 1:00 am, which then allowed me to crash until 5:30 am. I think you can see the theme here. I wrote a script, 4th script to be performed over the last 2 to 3 years, and the 5th script that I have written over all.

Let me tell you, it is an awesome feeling to see something you write come to life, not just on paper, but in real life, real time. I recommend it for anyone curious about writing. If you have a 24 Hour Theatre in your area, give it a try. TOTALLY WORTH IT!

This year had a theme. Each of the writing teams had to write their corresponding shows using a fortune from a fortune cookie. Mine was "A true friend walks in when the rest of the world walks out" using the concept of Jekyll and Hyde for a basis of the story. Here's my favourite part of the script:

Dr. Thomas: Miss Mackey?

(Megs jerks her head up. Dr. Thomas sits.)

Megs: (stuttering) Dr. Thomas. I didn't hear you.

Dr. Thomas: You were a bit distracted.

Megs: Then you heard?

Dr. Thomas: Yes. Sounds like a bit of Life imitating Art.

Megs: My best friend, Danni is dating my Ex, Alex. (laughs) It's funny; both of them seem to have a darker side to them and get along rather well.

Dr. Thomas: It's like the class discussion today.

Megs: Motives? Oh, you mean, (Dr. Thomas nodded) sometimes people are not happy. And sometimes they make bad choices, like when they are sure they are alone they act like their true self. Like the way, Danni acted around me. She thought I wasn't a threat so she dropped all pretenses and became a ‘monster’.

Dr. Thomas: Well, that is one interpretation, isn't it?

Megs: It just feels so wrong like the whole world walked out on me.

Dr. Thomas: It’s rough when you lose trust in someone.

Megs: Have you felt that way?

Dr. Thomas: I have, in fact that's why husband left. He wasn't the intellectual type, didn't liked that I knew more than him, so he left. I was pretty angry. I did something I wasn’t proud of.

Megs: How did you cope?

Dr. Thomas: I learned who I really was. Then, I started going back to school, teaching, reading books. I strove everyday to be that person, not my dark half, much like Jekyll tried to do.

Megs: But you didn't need a potion?

Dr. Thomas: Nope.

Megs: Then maybe I can find my true self and be the best I can. Avoiding the Hyde's in my life.

Dr. Thomas: Sounds like to you learn a lot in and out of class today.

Anyway, time again to get down to the hear to of the matter (thanks Huey Lewis, Not every listening to him at the moment). Twas ere the busiest, yet tis fruitful time I ere ever I spent amoungst commerades.

This Week:
      *Reading: I finally hit the half way point of The Gun Seller. It's a slower read. Hugh is very about the details and snarky wit. Sometimes I feel he goes faster than the reader. But, then other times the pacing slows down, so I don't know. I think I just need to continue reading. I tried to finish Misty of Chincoteague but I fell asleep. It was late and this was before the 24 Hour Theatre. It's a cute story and will post more later, after I finish the second half of the book.
     *Writing: wrote a blog and a script. Just feels good to write.
     *Blogging: see above. Only once (not counting my Round of Word check-ins). I love when I get inspiration from my fellow bloggers. Still want to continue to non-ROW80 blog twice a week. This is a time management issue. I will get there.
     *Visiting: I did go avisitin' everyday last week expect Friday and Saturday. I was a bit busy. Been making my goal of at least 2 to 3, hitting 4 most days. w00t!
     *Submitting: I did this Thursday. Finally. Discovered, or maybe get became aware that submittable post online to twitter. Since this revelation, I have been keeping track of new places to submit to on post it's and scribbles in several notebooks right now. The actual database needs to be updated now.
     *Scrivener/Editing: wrote the scrip in Scrivener. Played a little with the screenplay template. I edited "Road Trip". Planning on reviewing my script Wearing the Mask and The Audition (which sorely needs it). There are things that I see after watching it performed that I miss the first time. I want to be able to go back and make the scrip tighter; fixing grammatically and syntax errors, cleaning up the plot and developing the characters more or toning them down.

That which did not happen:
     *Mostly what I didn't get to was smaller stuff. I missed  a day of journaling and am a few days behind on the sticker journal (which rewards you, the writer for meeting your goals.

For next week:
     *Finish The Gun Seller and Misty of Chincoteague.
     *Edit Wearing the Mask, The Audition, Road Trip (yes again), using Scrivener.
     *Write some more on my Waiting Room story, no working title yet.

Now, Dear Readers, I want to know what you have been up to. Fellow ROW80-ers, how are the goals, books, stories, projects coming? What are your plans fro the rest of September? If you are curious check out the ROW80 Blog Hop. Go and see this new musician I started following, David Cavan Fraser. He's got a nice sound. Sat and listening some of his live stuff (from youtube) one day while writing this week. He does some fantastic covers and equally nice original material. I am fond of his song "Bagpipes". I leave you with that, Dear Readers.


  1. I've written and directed scripts for our church. It is fun to hear lines I've written spoken aloud and see the story come to life. I haven't written a script in forever, but it is fun. Congrats on powering through! Impressive!
    All the best with your goals for the coming week. I always plan more than I can accomplish, but I'm doing alright focusing on one thing at a time, and that's a big step forward for me.
    Have a good one!

    1. Thanks Steph! I am going to upload the show, if you are interested in seeing it. I do have to revise the script before I perform it again. But, yeah, it's a great feeling.



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