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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Rainy Day Nostalgic Toys

 Today I'm going a bit retro. After a trip to the Salvo down the street, and a find that I didn't think I would even see again. Not it's not the pound puppies. The white one with the brown eye spot is straight from my childhood and the little brown one I found at the same Salvo about a month ago.

Pound puppies and easy to find at Salvo', yard sale, and flea market. they are the equivalent of pennies. They are often everywhere. The BIG prize at the bottom.

Anyway, I got a bit nostalgic for toys from my youth. Not that I am a collector, but there is something about the toy for the 1980's. And pound puppies had a cartoon and a crap ton merchandise including books, movies, clothing, etc. The Pound Puppies cartoon featured the characters Coolers, Nose Marie, Bright Eyes, , Howler, and Whopper.

 Another cartoon that I watch religiously was The Wuzzles. They have the BEST. THEME. SONG. EVER! It'll probably get stuck in your head now. Sorry!

Actually, I am not. It's a fun intro and better to get stuck in your head than other songs.

The characters were fun, usually opposite with each other. It was pretty standard toonage from what I can remember with the story plots.

I remember begging my parent for a Wuzzles backpack, the had butterfly wings and Butterbear's flower antenae. I also begged to get Hoppopotumus. This is not the same one I had as a kid, but I loved the heck out of mine, even though i was not like Hoppo's character. She was a lot like Miss Piggy. I think it was the bunny part of her character that I fell in love with.

Then there was Monzi the Monster from My Pet Monster. This is actually David's from his youth, complete with cuff. I like how he looks like he's posing.

This was a different show after watching Thundercats, He-Man, She-Ra , Voltron. It was a bit silly, but there was something about Monzi and his quest to keep away from Beastur, the big purple monster that was trying to take Monzi back to Monsterland.

I watch this one a lot, but did not have any toys related to the show, but it still holds a special placed in my heart.

Good times.

Yes, you are seeing it right. A wrinkle pup, sadly sans stuffed bone in his pocket. I was sad, but ultimately thrilled to have a Winkle Pup in my possession again.

Alas, there was no cartoon, that I am aware of. I got my Wrinkle Pup for my birthday with a stuffed Roger Rabbit and a Fashion Star Filly. I remember that Wrinkle Pups came with a dob tag, a bone, and I think a name (not sure about that last part). They were puppets and freaking adorable.

I am going to have to attempt to make a bone for this little guy, as he looks sad with a bone in his front pocket. (and all you dirty minded people you can  stop with those thoughts.)

I also do no have a Fashion Star Filly. Maybe some day! Her's a commercial if you are not familiar with what a Fashion Star Filly is. Oh you EIGHTIES!!

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