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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Musings on the Great New York State Fair 2014

 What does one do when you go to the State Fair?

You eat really horrible food, that tastes amazing, but is not the best for you. Am I right?

So, I have had my VERY FIRST taste of the "Great New York State Fair". It was quite a treat and an absolute fantastic day with the Hubs. IT seems that lately we don't get enough time together, one or both of us are in a mood, sad, sick, or just not in a place to enjoy free time. Last week, David was off on vacation and I took Thursday and Friday off for a long 5 day weekend.

It's a 2 hour drive from Corning to Syracuse, and the weather totally cooperated too. Blue skies and sunshine. It wasn't too warm and only a touch windy. The possibilities were endless.

At first we were just wandering through barns, the cow barn was right in front of us, so we wandered through. There were cows, then we meandered through the food stalls ans various sundry barns and exhibits. It took us a while, but we found the Home and Craft Building where Ken's photography and Leah's beadwork was featured, bringing home a total of 4 ribbons between the two of them.
Leah's beadwork

Fuzzy Blue Chicken
Swan Snack

Ken's photography
In the midst of this we saw the rabbit, guinea pig,waterfowl, pigeon barn. There were fluffy chickens and a very hungry swan.

Then there was the first snack, "Shark on a Stick" and "Gator on a Stick". Actually both were very tasty, grilled with butter and garlic. The shark tasted like Chicken with the fish consistency, while the Gator tasted like Pork, but a bit rubberier and fattier.Still tasty though. Heck what do I know, having never eaten Gator before.

David eating Shark-on-Stick
Then we wandered a bit more, looking at old TV shows on DVD being sold, and the exhibitor's building with the giant sand sculpture of Dr. Seuss and characters. I found out how to get to Solla Sollew too! Then it was time for lunch; mac and cheese burger and pig and potato parfait. Yes! Both are real. And both are really tasty! The Pig and Potato Parfait is a parfait made with Pulled Pork, BBQ Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, and topped with a Cherry Tomato, a Pretzel Stick, and Bacon Bits.

Sand Sculpture - Dr. Seuss
A Butter Sculpture

We enjoyed the last bit of Angie Johnson's concert at Chevy Court. Not normally into country, but she has a nice voice and loved the crowd, even taking a selfie with them.

Deep Fried Snickers, YUM!!
We finally found the Butter Sculpture and the Cheese Carvings  of the Frozen Characters. I took a tour of the Butterfly Exhibit and bought some poster (Doctor Who for me and Beauty and the Beast and the Monkees for David). We ended the day by riding the Gravitron once, getting three good spins and launches up the side of the ship and eating Deep Fried Twinkies and Snickers.


Circus Carnival Minis
Cheesy Olaf

It was a wonderful day, Dear Readers. I hoped you like my little pictorial blog about.

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