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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Reverse Poem and another NaPoWriMo comes to a close...

It now surprises me that NaPoWriMo is all but over. I feel just a little sad that tomorrow I will not have a daily prompt to write a poem, but that doesn't mean I can't write daily. I have had some challenges with muses, prompts, and time. Between the A to Z challenge and the theatre projects, I have written 30 poems. I also need to give a huge thanks to the Poets Three (the musketeers) for reading and enjoying my poems, giving awesome encouragement. Thank you, Guys!

I got to know Jesi and Rod during OctPoWriMo last year, I met Lizzi on this go around of NaPoWriMo. We have become quite the tight group. These three are some of my closest internet friends. I love them in the whole of my soul, and hope that we stay close after this month has faded into the history books. For today I thought I would use one the last poems from my OctPoWriMo titled Imaging the End. This wasn't a strong piece, more back then, a bit of a reflective piece more than anything. But, when I sat down in the final hours of this month, I realized that I had something that I could work with.

And now for our final prompt (still optional!). For the last day of NaPoWriMo, I’d like you to try an odd little exercise that I have had good results with. Today, I challenge you to write a poem backwards. Start with the last line and work your way up the page to the beginning. Another way to go about this might be to take a poem you’ve already written, and flip the order of the lines and from there, edit it so the poem now works with its new order. This will probably feel a bit strange (and really, it is a bit strange), but it just may help you see the formal “opening” and “closing” strategies of your poems in a new way!

I had some fun, placing the lines in reverse order and then editing it into a new poem. I think it works better and comes off stronger. What do you think, Dear Readers?

Imaging the End

On the day before
Never could I believe

That I have made it through the month.
Here is the proof that in the words I write, that
Everyday I made the choice

Daring that I could write everyday, a poem.
Always using the prompts given (which was a choice),
Yet, I managed, within the sometimes daily writer's block.

Before there was an idea and
Even when there wasn't.
First, I would think
Of the possible outcomes then
Really set to write, free verse or haiku until
Everything suddenly fell into place.

Reverse Ending Rewrite:
Reverse Ending

fell into place
set to write, 
   free verse 
Of the possible outcomes then?

   I would think of the end.
Even when there wasn't--
   before there was an idea
within writer's block.

Using the prompts 
(which was a choice),
Daring everyday, 
      a poem.

a choice
     the proof 
        in the words I write
                   this month.

Z is for Zombie Prom

Tomorrow is our Zompre Prom, a fundraiser for our show and an actual prom, with streamers, balloons, and a floral arch for pictures. I never went to my high school prom. I probably missed out. But,  now I get a chance to enjoy a prom with my closest heatre friends and (quite possibly) have a more awesomer time thsn in high school. I even have a date!!!

...Pictures or it didn't happen! 

I promise!! 

If you are curious and our in the Corning/Bath area May 29th and 30th, you should come and see Zombie Prom at Bath Haverling's auditorium. It's a fun story about love and zombies. Enough said! And it's a musical too!!

Been learning songs about Rules, Regulations, and Respect; the news beat; and Enrico Fermi High. Dancing and singing, being around my theatre family, and so much more. It's been a full spring already! But again, I would have it any other way.


  1. The Zombie Prom sounds fab, and your poem worked really well :) Bravo :D

  2. Cindy Scott,
    what powerful poem there,

    lovely Z word too.


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