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Monday, April 13, 2015

Riddle Me Cinquain!

Riddle me this...

Why do I have to write a riddle poem? ~whimper whimper~ I have never had luck writing limericks and I feel that riddle poems fall into this same category. Get me a sonnet or pantoum, heck even something like a Quadrilew. But a riddle poem? I feel that when I whittle down my thoughts to something that is supposed to be witty, funny, or mentally challenging that it doesn't even come close when all is said and done. I suppose that I just need more practice. I didn't write the sapphic poem (although I am tempted, because I almost always write at least one poem in the topics provided during NaPoWriMo or OctPoWriMo) on Saturday, so I am determined to write a riddle poem today.

A to Z: today's letter is K. Also, not an easy letter to pick a topic from. My topic for my NaPoWriMo poem will be in the poem. Can you guess what it is?

Okay! Let see if you can guess, Dear Readers. I wrote to Cinquains, in the two styles is of Cinquains on Shadow Poetry. I think the simply words poem, especially for riddle poems. These are NOT poem I normally write. It's harder for my brain to wrap around writing a riddle. I should write more. I think practice will make perfect. And seriously, this was actually not that bad to write.

What Am I?

When warmed, will melt
Ready to snap
Love the crunch it packs

To Share It

A treat in fourths,
whether to share or just
for your very own enjoyment
take bites

Also, I want to point out that the last movie I saw in the theatres was The Kingsman: The Secret Service. It's a pretty awesome movie. If you like English things and Spy Movies, this is a movie for you!! And it's a K title too!!


  1. Noooooooope. Ya got me. I have NO idea! Something that's a K? Geez. I'm so bad at riddles.


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