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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Palinode: The Anti-Coffee Morning

NaPoWriMo Poetic Form Prompt: Palinode: (noun) 1. a poem in which the poet retracts something said in an earlier poem. 2. a recantation.

Topic: Coffee

I took my Palindrome Poem and tried to invoke an anti-coffee sentiment. Where coffee in my natural habitat of the morning and is one of my joys and indulgences. Here with the Palinode I tried see the other side. It's not quite the opposite of the Palindrome Poem, but the essence is definitely of the opposite. Doesn't feel like my strongest poem, but there were moments of pleasure meandering through the poem. Read on, Dear Readers and enjoy!

The Anti-Coffee Morning

I can hardly see the reason why
coffee is such thing.
When it's only seems to tastes
like that of dirty socks.

I cannot abide the need
upon waking
of the coveted chalice
of caffeine of "the gods".

I laugh. 

It seems silly.

my eyes awaken 
on their own.
My brain is aware
of its own senses
without the desire 
to drink this liquid most foul.

I am most aware all on mine own--
in the sunshine,
in the morning,
in the last few minute before the alarms rings.

Blogging from A to Z Challenge: G is for Greek Food!!

You know that I haven't had Souvlaki is eons, EONS I tell you. Souvlaki is basically shish-kabob, using either beef, chicken, sometimes lamb. You can get it in a sandwich form, which is called a gyro (pronounced yero). It is so good. I love to get souvlaki dinners that come with pita bread, hummus, salad, greek potatoes, olive and feta cheese.

Feta cheese is the stuff of the gods. By itself, maybe not the most exciting cheese, but with a salad or souvlaki, its to die for. Okay, enough is enough. My mouth is watering.

Are you hungry now?


  1. I like your alternate coffee poem. I definitely got the impression you weren't enamoured with it.

  2. Sounds good, looks good....when's dinner?
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    I'm Ensign B with Tremp's Troops
    of the A to Z Challenge

  3. Ato Z and NaPoWriMo, you are busy, just dropping in from the A to Z, I have given your blog a shout out from my letter H today

  4. Mmmm. Your post is making my mouth water. BTW, I'm dropping in from a link on Rosie Amber's blog


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