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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Calligrams and Quadrilews!!

Today's prompt is to write a visual poem (calligrams). Basically you make a picture with words that also is a poem. While a rather daunting concept I took up the mantle and brain stormed a few ideas. My favourite doodle is of a river. I thought it would be the easiest of the shapes and this is free form, I just needed to not think so hard. When I put too much thought into my words they never want to come out properly. Words are like water, flowing.

River Doodle
River's Spring

Moving waters rush past
                           in the winter's
                                                    as Spring fights
                                                             to break
                         The world is waking up
                Under the guise of
a sleepy Old Man
not wanting
to wake.
   Slow to wake, yet I see there is green underneath
                                                               and maybe a hope
                                                                             as  Robin's hop
                                                                                         across lawns
                                                                                 Sparrow's sing
                                                     in rhythm with River's torrential voice
                                                rising with each new April Shower.
                                    The Crocuses,
                                The Blue Jays,
           The warmer days ahead

H is for Hecate

I am in the mood for some poetry. So, for my A to Z Challenge I am going to try a new form. So, Dear
Readers you get two poems for the price of one. A little back story Hecate is a Greek goddess, the Crone of the triple goddess -  The Maiden (Persephone), The Mother (Demeter), and the Crone (Hecate). There a a number of different names across the various pantheons of deities. I tend to favour the Greek/Roman. Hecate is also considered the goddess of magic, sorcery, and necromancy. Sometimes she is perceived as a fortune teller. I decided to play with this aspect of her persona.

I used a Quadrilew. It is a four versed poem, although it can be written longer, following a specific rhyme and patterned verse. A little challenging, but I do kinda like it. I hope you do too, Dear Readers.

Hecate's Vision

She is the old Crone
harbinger of wisdom.
She is not alone
magic is her anthem.

Harbinger of wisdom--
one of the triple
within her own harem,
Truly can be artful.

She is not alone
so she, with sisters three--
Her trinity known
for all the world to see.

Magic is her anthem
weave a spell for ye
read your fortune, Madame
know your choice fairly. 

Also, I need to update my ROW80. A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that allows you to set your goals and report on them. It is a Blog Hop! Come in for a visit; stay for tea!

This is a quick update as my Round 2 is pretty packed and starting off slowly. Not necessarily bad mind you, Dear Readers. I just need to be mindful of my free time and work things accordingly. Thus, the goals...

This Week:
    *Reading: I am 68 page into The Dragon and the George (Gordon R. Dickson). It is one I started reading a few years ago, but never finished. Imagine an English/History professor who has astral projected into a dragon's body to rescue his fiancee. Pretty fun so far!
    *Writing: what with NaPoWriMo and Blogging from A to Z going on this month, I am guaranteed to write daily. I did managed to write a bit a little more today with an extra poem.
    *Theatre Stuffs: prepping for The Lake Country Players, 3rd annual 24 Hour Theatre - Tribond Edition this Saturday, rehearsing 4 days this week for Zombie Prom, and trying to find some time to work my songs.

That is really it for today (and Wednesday). I will be more concise and diligent by Sunday as my rehearsal schedules for the two shows (Zombie Prom and Aesop's Foibles) return to twice weekly for the month of April and 24 Hour Theatre will be over. If you are in the Twin Tiers come over to the Old Havana Courthouse Theatre and watch 6 newly birthed show being performed for the first time. Show is at 7:00 pm and tickets are $5.00/general admission. 


  1. Wow you're busy! Your river poem is very cool. I like the shapes.

    1. I am. It what I do, theatre and writing!

  2. Wonderful poem! The quadrilew is new to me. Poetry is hard to do, in my opinion. You've done it well! I'll look forward to coming back for more. Happy A-Zing...
    Michele at Angels Bark


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