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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Turning into a Great Week Check-in!!

Silly Moustashe
Except for the obvious diseases passing through the Scott Household this week has been pretty stellar. KLP's Tarzan rehearsal are gearing up, and LCP Improv has gain a new member and has some others interested. Note: all rehearsals are open to anyone who wants to come play. Check out our Lake Country Improv Facebook Page. I am healing up from my Tonsillitis and helping David to get through his Strep Throat/Sinusitis. And with the warmer weather, I am itchy to get out and do stuff.

This week brings me the most productive since NaNo. I definitely found my passion again. It's like the  muses came down from Mount Helicon to dance and sing for me. It feeling like the world is new and everything is ready for the taking.

Here's what I did this week, thus far:
*I have gotten to Chapter 18 in "Catching Fire". I think what help find my rhythm again was chatting with some friends about the series , the concepts behind Panem, the characters, and how much I love reading about flawed characters. Thanks Ty!

*Finished writing the scene I started a few days ago. It works as a Flash Fiction, but also I can see it turning into a longer story, either a short story or maybe a novella. Potentially, anyway.

*Continued to journal. Really striving to use the journal, not just a place to rant, but to develop ideas, concepts, or planning.

*House work is pretty much caught up on housework. Not counting the laundry of the bed sheets and blankets after the sick ward has been through. Just need to run the vacuum up stairs and done!!! Most caught up on household chores ever!

*Bought veggie plants, 2 tomato plants, a green  pepper plant, a cucumber, and some corn. I also bought some flowers to plant in my mailbox planter.
Cukes and Corn

Mailbox Flowers

*I started a notebook using stickers as rewards for goals set. Easy goals, like writing 500 words, 1000 words, reading a chapter or 10 from the book that I'm currently reading. It a nice auxiliary reminder and it means STICKERS!! Who doesn't love getting stickers, right?

Things that are in process or haven't been touch yet:
*Have not submitted any additional work, but I need a bit more time to pick out works and possible skim over them before submitting. What with rehearsals for Tarzan and Improv, my evening fill up fast. The plan is to work on poetry and prose submissions Friday through Sunday.

*Continue to blog on Saturdays. It's a good day to write, either mornings and evenings.

*Continue to visit blogs and comment on my fellow writers. Be supportive! up to 10 a week is the goal. I am at 5 so far. w00t!

*Go for a hike this weekend.

I am noticing that I am getting more in the spirit of writing since I have started A Round of Words, Dear Readers. It's exciting! It makes me feel as though I am a part of something awesome. I also feel more like a writer. I mean I was before and still am, but much of the negative has hampered my journeys before into the wonderful world of writing and share my words are now not stopping me to pursue this dream. First, it was reading James' "Drawing out the Dragons", then it was starting this blog, writing for KLP's 24 Hour Theatre, and followed by finding A Round of Words and Sione's Blog [she's the reason for me trying AROW80]. Being a part of a writing community has done wonders for me.

Now, why not meander over to the Blog Hop and view some of my fellow ROW80-ers! Have a great week, Dear Readers. Go and make something beautiful in the world!


  1. I love reading such positive posts. Sounds like you are doing some great stuff, even in the aftermath of your plagues.
    Plants look nice. Hope you get to harvest and enjoy them. We had tomatoes once and nearly killed the poor thing. The chili plant just didn't produce either. I am curious that you can grow a single stalk of corn in a pot. I envision them 6 feet tall and not fit for a pot.
    Congrats on all of the writing and re-invigoration of the spirit of the thing.

  2. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to be on top of your goals. YEAH! Congratulations on a great week! With many more to come!


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