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Sunday, June 15, 2014

#AROW80 Father Day's Check-in

Happy Dad's Day, Dear Readers!

The sunshine has finally come out and and finally made the weekend just a little bit better. It was already a good weekend, but having the the sunshine helps A LOT. Heck, it was so very productive this weekend, that I got a at least one new goal completed.

The weather is really a factor for me, especially after a good 4+ strength of cloudy to rainy/misty conditions. I think that makes me part flower and I already am part dragon, love me some sunbathing weather.

Things that I did this weekend:
*Went for a walk up to Spencer Crest Nature Center, through the winding trail. I was planning on hiking a 2 to 3 mile trek, but I got a lovely hour walk, over hill and over dale. This also included reading something for my next audition. Something for next year, but I want to understand who I am auditioning for and prepare a piece.

*Since Wednesday, I visited at least 9 other blogs, which makes this weeks total to 15 blogs visited. GOAL ATTAINED!!

*I found a story that I wrote earlier this year, during Round 1 of "A Round of Words" and finally edited it into a 2nd draft. I was actually pleased with the finally outcome, I am probably going to go through it once, maybe twice (included after a few of my beta reader test it out). I want to submit it, but feels it needs to be sculpted.

*Blogged on Friday, instead of Saturday. I was planning to do a small blog Friday and my standard regular size to massive blog on Saturday, but with editing, buying birdseed, walking in the woods, submitting works to online journals, and various other errands I wasn't able to blog properly. It's okay, my Friday's blog was a touch longer than my standard "short" blogs. The important thing is that I blogged. GOAL ATTAINED!

*Submitted work (poetry, mostly and some stories) and to online journals, e-zines, websites. Original goal, submit to 1 site per day, this week. I missed a day, but submitted to 2 yesterday, so it balances. GOAL ATTAINED!

Much of the reason associated with me able to reached my goals I have to attribute to the Sticker Rewards Journal (not the original name and alas, I don't have the original link. I spent close to 2 hours looking for the link. If someone has the original link to the nice lady who blogged about it, please leave the link so I can properly thanks and credit her). You take a notebook, journal, pad of paper even and each day you get a sticker for what goal you accomplished.

You start by creating a key of your goals and using sticker make a legend of goals. Each day you place what sticker go to each corresponding goals. Some days you are going to have only 1 or 2 stickers, but then a fantastic day and whoosh, STICKERS  EVERYWHERE! I was a sticker kid, having close to 5 or 6 full on stickers books, filled with stickers and a "My Little Pony" sticker book for the puffy sticker that came with the ponies.


Things that didn't happen this weekend:
*I did not read any of my current book, "Mockingjay", but I have been reading on lunch and sometimes after work. making steady progress, chapter 9, I believe. I did read "MacBeth" this week, It was random, but I have the Dover Thrifty Editions of "MacBeth", "Othello", "As You Like It", "Hamlet", and "A Midsummer Night's Dream". I have decided that I need to re-read or read for the first time more Shakespeare. It's just good for the soul (well my soul, anyway). Goal Partially Attained!

 More reading to occur this summer!

Feeling good and my porch garden is growing. I have tomato flowers! And what looks like the beginnings of cucumber flowers. w00t w00t~ House is mostly clean. I do have to have a service call on my damn NEW dryer. It spins and heats, but takes forever to dry. Not even 2 months old. Good thing we bought a three year service package. Life is full of small annoyances!

Go visit the hop! The Blog Hop!

Have a delightful and terrific week, Dear Readers! Leave me some love below, comment, ideas for things to be features, or just to say HI! It's a Sunday go have fun. I have a wedding to prepare for now!! Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Lynn Clark and my Father-in-Law, David Scott Sr


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