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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Plotting and Planning my #AROW80 Plans!

Somewhere between the weekend and now my brain turned into a raving ball of mush. I came home from work and nothing. I have a strong desire to curl up and watch Buffy or Firefly...

At Point Gratiot (Dunkirk, NY) with David
It's probably due to the intense cloud cover over Corning for the last couple of days. After some much needed rain on Sunday and Monday, we were welcomed to the all grey cloudage spectacular. There has been a bits of sunshine, but only in very small spurts, thus leaving the whole of the day a grey mess. I thrive on having sunshine to walk and be in. Give me a fantastic thunderstorm any day, but I need me my sunshine. And if this trend is going to continue, I may go bonkers. I tend to go a little stir crazy after a stretch of grey and cloudy/rainy weather.

Anyway, I am sitting here writing this blog to some Hugh Laurie blues, not because I am feeling the Blues, but because the grey and gloomy skies have turned my brain to mush, as I stated before. My brain is mush!

On to what I have accomplished this week (thus far):
*Finished "Catching Fire" and started "Mockingjay". I am definitely going to watch the first movie and do a review sometime this month. The series really does intrigue me. I didn't see it going quite in the direct it appears to be going.  I am still liking it, but we will see how I fare at book's end. Note: I have a small collection of Doctor Who books that I have been trying to read, so an extra goal for this month at least is to work on reading these books.

*I have submitted to one online journal per day since Sunday. This is in keep with my plans to submit submit submit!! I want to ideally submit more than one a day, but since some days I don't get home until 10 at night, 1 a day is reasonable. Trying to submit more than just poetry. I have poems, stories, and 1 acts, so no loss of material to pull from. I am even documenting what journal I submit to, when, and what works. Organized, eh? Somewhat! :-)

*Working on my duties as Producer for KLP's "Tarzan": selling ads for the program (sponsors), collecting paperwork and monies, and doing a lot of  other miscellaneous duties. Practicing improv with the Lake Country Improv and being on the board of The Lake Country Players (different from Keuka Lake Players, but also an active memember of both). Lots of Theatre stuffs this summer! Can't keep a theatre geek down for long!

*Been keeping a pace with the housework lately. Feels good, am hoping I can keep it up, especially when I act in the next show I go out for (not sure when that will be). House has been generally clean and mostly presentable. Now to have more people over and maybe barbeque and play terrible badminton or volleyball this summer. 

*Been working on the porch garden and cleaning up the yard and even started walking again. I am hoping to use weekend time to really get out and go for longer hikes and trips to outside places, weather permitting. The good news is the tomato plants are producing flowers and I think I see a cucumber started. w00t! Fresh veggies!!

*Visited 6 blogs this week so far, going to go for 10, at least. It's not only good karma, but I have discovered new ways of doing things, new ideas, like the Sticker Reward Book. If you wanna see what I am talking about, check out the Blog Hop filled with fellow bloggers and writers.

Things I haven't work on this week:
*I have not written since the weekend. With Tarzan rehearsals, Monday and Tuesday (and Thursdays), it leaves very little writing time. I do have a solution, but it involves me waking up right at 6:30 and writing for about an hour on those days. I need to, but my bed is far to comfortable lately. Going to change that. I have managed to write regular blogs on Saturdays, so it is possible to write, even in the mornings. And actually, I remember writing in the mornings during NaNo last year and the mornings were very fruitful then. Can be again!!

*Need to pull out the WIP stories and work on them. I need to see if they are feasible stories to work with.

*Time to get to editing "Tale of Memories" again. I need to step up and just do it. I don't know why I am afraid or worried about revising the story. But, I guess I am a bit intimidated by the editing process. Any tips, Dear Readers?

Expect a regular blog on Saturday. I am still working out what I would like to blog about, since beginning AROW80, I have blogged less as a whole. I have missed it. There are a few ideas poking around my head. I will find my list (that I stashed somewhere) and start creating some new content for you, Dear Readers? If you have an idea, or a question, or something you would like me to explode please leave me a comment below. I love to hear from my readers. Have a stellar week! I know I will (and will be better once the sun comes back).

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