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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Final Wrap Up of Round 2

Feeling a bit different today. I want to be a bit succinct today. I finally hit a good rhythm and since this is the last check-in for Round 2, I want to finish on a high note.

I might not have started in the fullest swing, and I certainly had moment where I was less productive, but I have gotten much out of this Round. I know what I will do for Round 3.

So, what I have learned about myself in this Round. That I work better when I have plenty to do, and that also keeps me from getting falling into myself when I have bad days. I also know what I need to do and how to get it done. I am to write, to edit, to blog, to submit. That is the way!

I feel really good today and it's still early and I am looking at getting a few other things done, while I have this burst of energy. With that being said, let break out the bullet points!

The Good Stuff  and the Not-as-good Stuff (for the end of the Round):
*Wrote a short blog on Monday. After watching several episodes of "Star Trek: The Animated Series" (see previous blog). Goal: Going to blog on Friday or Saturday this week.

*Been pushing to finish "Mockingjay". I am liking it very much. It's different, but I'm enjoying it. Goal: Re-read "Sabriel" by Garth Nix, the first in "The Abhorsen Trilogy".

*Continue to journal and use the various writing prompts to expand my writing, if not every day, at least every few days. Goal: to write at least every other day.

*Continue to find journals and writing contests to submit to. Report on progress as need.

*Still at 4, maybe 5. Nope, it's five,! I was reading a blog that I have been subscribed to for the last month or so (I didn't realized I had. Is nice, I have some new books to add to the list now). Goal: I will continue to visit, read, and interact with my fellow writers and bloggers.

*I have some Beta readers, reading some works. I will use them to improve my work that is currently complete, so that it can be submitted. Thus, helping to free up time to edit the writings and to write more stuffs.

*Find excuses to go out and experience life in nature (by walking, hiking, gardening). Hang with friends, go to show, be in shows, and general happy about life. There are too many things in life to make one sad and frustrated. Find the good. Spread the love. Make great art! Impact the work. This is a goal not only for AROW80, but life in general.

Funny side note (not funny Ha-Ha, but funny Uh-Oh), I work for a company that does construction materials testing, and after having been there over 2 years, I understand that the aggregate (dirt) placed under roads, before the asphalt is placed, if that starts sliding down a slope, then the road could also fall too. Case in point, there is a stretch of road that this has been happening to and while it's my preferred route to work, because of the scenic quality, there will be issues if something isn't done soon.

Improv is great therapy. I have a great cast of improv-ers. We are having thew best season ever; three shows down, two to go. Making some great connections and making a lot of people laugh. Thank you LCP Improv (Mike T, David, Amanda, Melissa (Neuf), Brian, Todd (Capt. Random), Adriane, Deannda, and Tara! If you are local come and visit us July 29th and August 26th, 7:00 pm at the United Methodist Church of Montour Falls in Montour Falls (visit The Lake Country Players for more info).

Dear Readers, have a great rest of the week, I will be around doing stuff. Remember to check out the AROW80 Blog Hop too! It's great karma!!

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