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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zombie Poetry and Finding Rhythm...

What a Story

This is one tale
of a girl and a boy--
when under desk they’ll
meet, and smiles are their joy.

Of a girl and a boy,
set in high school days,
under someone’s Strict ploy
they find are the prey.

When under desk they’ll
be the point of focus
of a war, full-scale,
made into a fracas.

Meet, and smiles are their joy,
when it is all about
prom and a single boy,
also morals to tout?

The last day before the final week plus of Zombie Prom rehearsals. I thought that I hadn't really written poetry about the play, rehearsals, and all the other stuff that comes with Zombie Prom. They are plenty of times I talked about The Mousetrap or 24 Hour Theatre, even Aesop's Foibles. Zombie Prom is no different, yet it is ALL ABOUT TEH DIFFERENT. It's a musical! It's comedy!! It's social commentary?!?!?

One thing I am good at, that I am sure, of is poetry. I can write it and sometimes it is even good. today's venture is a Quadrilew and one I discovered during NaPoWriMo. A poem of 4 stanzas, rhyme scheme of abab, and each stanza uses a line from the first stanza. Without giving anything away, I present a Quadrilew about Zombie Prom.

Used, to write this one when I needed a bit of help. 

A ROW80 update~

This Week (I did better):
    *Reading: The Trailmen of Xunar-Kun: Book 2 in the Tellings of Xunar-Kun (Tina Field Howe), not Alysa of the Fields. It's more like a slow romp through exposition. Finally am getting to the interesting bits. It  has fallen into the second novel slump. There characters are all interesting, but it could move quicker. I shouldn't be in a rush as the third book doesn't exist yet, but it going well. About halfway through.
going lie, I am quite absorbed. It's not the faster pace story of the
    *Writing: Wrote a poem today. w00t! First poem since NaPoWriMo. Also, I wrote poetry to my friend through gmail chat this afternoon, some haiku and a  little parody piece.
    *Social media: I visited Kait Nolan's blog today, that is one. Will try to get to at least 3 more blogs. Getting better and returning to my normal pattern of internet stuff.
    *Theatre Stuff: rehearsal with the Secretaries and the Motorwise Guys. Full rehearsals begin tomorrow (Thrusday). The show goes up May 29th in Bath, NY at Haverling High School's auditorium.

 This Week (when not at rehearsal):
      *Reading: finish The Trailmen... Start meet the Austins (Madeleine L'Engle).
      *Editing: edit my submission for #writestuff's monthly challenge.
      *Writing: write something daily, or as often as possible.
      *Submissions: 1 new submission this week! (after #writestuff challenge).

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  1. I really liked that goal of "write every day, or as often as possible." I'm trying to keep me writing every day, but I don't care if it's journaling, stories, or processing research. So far, so good. And I liked the poem for getting that sense of play and danger, just right for "Zombies at the Prom". Sounds interesting this rare mix of theater, art, writing, reading. Wish I could see the play.

    1. I've decided that I am going to write a poem a day about the show, without heralding spoilers as a extra means of promotion; and it gets me writing daily. :-) It's a fun little show and oddly not always what people think it is about (if you don't know the show already). A musical with lots of comedy and a Zombie. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Great poem and the Zombie Prom sounds interesting. When I first read you mention it I thought you were going to an adult prom that was zombie themed, but a musical is even better. Glad you are doing better on your goals. Good luck with your goals from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. Thank you!

      We had a fundraiser for the show that was an actual prom. And since I never got to go to my own prom in high school, if was a little bit of a throwback. dresses corsages, flowered archway with pictures, etc. It was amazing times and raised a bit of monet for the show too. :-)

  3. Yep, still loving the idea of a musical that covers both prom and zombies. Sounds like so much fun. Good luck with your writing and theatrical endeavors!

    1. It is a really fun show. Music is done in muscial styles from the 1950/60s, like jazzy Frank Sinatra, Gospel Choir, and Elvis teen heart throb ballad. It's good stuff! Lots of comedy and there's romance too!

  4. So enjoyed your poem. Congrats on all the goals met. All the best for the play and writing in the wekk ahead.

    1. Glad you liked it!! :-) And thanks!!


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