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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Warm and Wistful Sunday

Today is a good day to be lazy!

For being in the upper eighties the last couple of day I did get quite a bit done around the house and enjoyed
the hard theatrical work of some friends and associates (which in this case are the same thing. Now it is 4 in the afternoon and the laundry is done, 95% of the dishes, and the trash is taken out.

Planted some flowers for David's and my mum, passed away April 2009 and October 2008, receptively. Not a day passes that I don't think about the things that my mum has missed, but I am sure as shit she would be proud of me. So, I planted a little memory garden in the flowers boxes attached to the mail box.

Memory Garden Mail Box

This Week:
     *Reading: started reading Alysa of the Fields (Tina Field Howe)
     *Theatre Stuffs: rehearsed Friday night for Zombie Prom. I have the 2 big numbers that I am in memorized. Have gotten the opening song now memorized (except when I move set pieces), but need to work on making it seamless when I sing it. There are at least 5 more songs that I need to completely learn (I seem to have chunks of these songs memorized, just not the whole song yet. Also, there's the choreography to learn. This week is Aesop's Foibles tech week/show weekend. Oh, and I forgot I saw Dream Barn's production of Little Mermaid Junior and March Hare Production's inaugural production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged). Very much a theatre weekend.
     *Housework: See above which included getting the flowers planted and finished the said 5% of the dishes still to be washed.

This Week: (I am going to be focusing most of my energies on Aesop, but more of ROW80 goals will be tackled as well. I'm still in small goals month.)
      *Reading: Make progress on Alysa of the Fields and start Meet the Austins (Madeleine L'Engle)
      *Writing: write something. Maybe in a bit I will write something.
      *Social Media: visit 4 blog daily this week.
      *Submissions: submit to at least two this week.

Been listening to a bunch of new music that I have recently discovered: Richard Shindell and The Kennedys. Enjoying walking on my mowed lawn in bare feet, birdsong and breezes, and somewhere in between skirts feeling good to wear. Hope you are having a wonder May 10th (or whatever day you read this), Dear Readers.

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It is Blog Hop, so come a visit with a few or all of us. We are a patient lot! :-) Happy Sunday, Folks!!


  1. That garden is beautiful - the flowers, and the intent.

    I bought pansies today, because they remind me of my long-departed paternal grandparents, who had a riot of them every spring. And I was melancholy, missing a child I can't hold or see grow up, and needed happy little pansy faces in my life...

  2. The flowers are beautiful and a great way to honor mothers who have passed. It makes me think I should plant some pansies in honor of my grandmother, who loved them. Just a simple reminder of those who've passed on.

    Sounds like your life is full of theater. Wonderful!

  3. I love your memory garden as well as those lovely flowers. Nice way to honor the past and keep it close. Now all that theater stuff, great to have music to learn and perform! There's a challenge more daunting than writing to me! So enjoy every moment. The writing will come along when you are ready.


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