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Monday, May 18, 2015

Finding my way, again!

It is that time again...I am a day late, but after a week and weekend filled with Chitlins (Kids). They did really well and I am proud of them, but Saturday was a LOOOOOOONG day. Two show in one day!! Aesop's Foibles is put to bed. And I needed a day to re-coup from all that. so, Sunday was my day of rest. I re-discovered the fine art of colouring in colouring books. I finally finished the unicorn colouring book I have  had for 5+ plus years. My primary medium  is coloured pencils, but I will use anything to make pretty pictures.

It is a Dover colouring book, one that not only has pictures, but a historical look at the subject matter. In this case, unicorns.

 Yeah, I had fun with the colours! :-)

Now that I am down to 1 show, I feel I have some wiggle room.Time to get stuff done even! Tonight is a night off from Zombie Prom, so I am really utilizing the time.  I finally sat down and forced myself to write something. It definitely needs to be edited, but I now have something I can work on for the writing group #writestuff monthly writing challenge. check it out here! Lead by the amazing and stalwart PenPadPaper (Tamara Woods). I was introduced to her monthly challenges. I give me something to shoot for and I can practice my flash fiction writing too! Tamara also runs a weekly TweetChat for #WriteStuff on Tuesday nights at 9 pm (EST).

Okay, enough rambling. I am feeling like my new character Alan Gretz, who gets all rubber mouthed at all the wrong times.

~ROW80 check-in~

This Week:
    *Reading: Finished Alysa of the Fields (Tina Field Howe) and started The Trailmen of Xunar-Kun: Book 2 in the Tellings of Xunar-Kun. I love this series, written by a friend and local author. The only downside is book 3 is not done (not sure when it is going to be done). I  may need to bug Tina to work on it. I am through about a third of The Trailmen... Still plan to start Meet the Austin (Madeleine L'Engle) this week.
     *Writing: wrote 1885 words today. See above for details if you missed it the first time reading, or skipped to the check in.
     *Social Media: have at least visited 4 blog today. Will plan to visit 4 blog tomorrow. This is a return to form. Visiting 4 blogs daily, those I normally visit and at least one new blog, when I can.
     *Housework: dishes are done. Laundry is done. Garbage done and picked up this mornin. Lawn is mowed.So, house is returning to normal also.

To Week (upcoming):
     *Reading: continuing to read The Trailmen... and start Meet the Austins (finally).
     *Writing: write something anything. I think a review of Alysa of the Fields would be a good idea.
     *Social Media: 4 blogs to visit. Check in on Twitter.
     *Submissions: 1 submission by Wednesday.

Zombie Prom is gearing up. We have two weeks left of rehearsals after Thursday, I will have seven days of rehearsals. Sound intense. It is! Not what I am fully used to, but this is a different show and there are a lot of little part that go into the big parts, so the rehearsals are necessary. It's a good show and really fun. See?

Another shameless plug!

If you are in the vicinity of Bath, NY on or around May 29th and 30th you should come out to see it!

Done with shameless plug!

Anyway, what have you, Dear Reader been up to this May? Enjoying the spring weather. Is it warm in your area? Cold? How are those writing, editing, reading, crocheting goals coming?

A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It is a Blog Hop! Come on in and visit. Set a spell. Have a cold glass of lemonade and a cookie or too!

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