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Monday, May 25, 2015

CInquians, a Quizaine, and Pantoums (oh my)!

A few days behind on my Zombie Prom inspired poems, but the rehearsals have made the days full and long. Mind you, this has been some of the best days of the month, but I have come home after 6.5 and 4.5 hour rehearsals to have only enough energy to eat and shower before passing out. I am not complaining. Spending time with one of my other families is just as important, even when the 6.5 hour rehearsal ends and then some of us go and spend 3 hours at a BK talking, eating, and forming the family tree that connects all the characters in the show. Good times!

What are you doing this fine month of May, Dear Readers? I am doing a show called Zombie Prom and if you are in the area of Bath, NY come and check us out (see the sexy poster created by Anna-Beth Wheaton).

But, I did promise that I would writes some poems for this show. Zombie Prom is a really good show. We have an amazing cast. Oh, and a fellow theatre friend got the chance to perform this show in NYC for Samuel French  a couple of years ago (I think that's right. Manley, if you read this, please correct me if I am wrong. BTW, Manley a pretty talented and awesome kid performing in a junior players production of RENT. Check out Dream Barn Productions for more information.)

Today's fare is for Saturday, Sunday, and good ol' Memorial Day. Without spoilers I present six cinquains for the teenagers: Ginger, Coco, Candy, Joey, Jake, and Josh. Cinquains, for those of you who don't know, are five lines poems that do not rhyme, but have a syllabic meter of  2-4-6-8-2. Shadow Poetry is a great poet's resource.

most dramatic
as wholly serious
yet she has a sweet side deep down,

it's a Big Deal
and it's what she spends time
it's her thing that makes her special,

she talks about
biting her nails to stubs
prom is always on her radar,

one thing is on
his mind, the joys of large
fruit, it's a teenager thing,

willing to stand
to defend his friendship
he who idolizes Jonny,

Big Break
has a nose for
the news, daily beat, time
to break open the big story,

Sunday's poem is for Sheila. she gets a Quinzaine, a three line poem made up of 15 syllable with the syllabic meter of 7-5-3, that asks question of the original statement.

For Sheila... (Math Nerds)

Math nerds can be journalists--
A nerdy writer?
Can I be?

And for today, I wrote a pantoum. Yeah, Dear Readers, if you didn't already know I LOVE pantoums. My favourite of the poetic forms for it's repetition of lines and song-like quality to the lines. While not an easy form to write as to have to remember that the end of the poem, the last stanza uses the third and first lines of the first stanza to complete the poem's picture. Today, I salute my fellow chorus members.

Sing Chorus, Sing

We of the chorus--
singing out loud and proud
across the stage we dance
in grapevines and twirls.

Singing out loud and proud
it's what we do
in grapevines and twirls
to complete the tableau.

It's what we do
memorize whole songs
to complete the tableau
in the story upon the stage.

Memorize whole songs
that we only sing for a minute
in the story upon the stage
otherwise we are moving the scenery.

That we only sing for a minute
doesn't bother us at all
Otherwise we are moving the scenery
building stronger muscles all the while.

Doesn't bother us at all
because it's what we love
building stronger muscles all the while
and being a part of something greater.

Because it's what we love
singing out loud and proud
and being a part of something greater
--we are the chorus.

Also, Dear Readers, my ROW80 check-in from Sunday. A Round of Words in 80 Days is a blog challenge that knows you have a life. It's a Blog Hop. So, come on over and visit for a spell!

This Week (this past):
     *Reading: I finished The Trailmen of Xunar-Kun: Book 2 in the Tellings of Xunar-Kun (Tina Field Howe). The books ended on a higher note, maybe a little slow to start, with more exposition-y stuff to start off with. But, it more than made up for it with characters and decent plot for the second half of the book.
     *Theatre Stuff: rehearsals for Zombie Prom. That is really all this weekend has been, but it's been some very good. The technical stuff: lights, scene changes and songs are really coming along. I personally feel very strong about many of my scenes. There is one scene that I need to bash out my choreography out. It will get there though. Show is Friday and Saturday.
     *Writing: I wasn't very determined the last two days, but even then I was making progress. See, before Saturday I was writing a poem a day since Wednesday. I still have written, it was just over the last three days of write actually happened today. I also tried really hard to write real poems, not just writing a poem in two minutes. I took thought and time Dear Readers, especially with the cinquains of the teenagers. Goal still set at writing daily (when possible).
     *Social Media: I managed to visit fellow bloggers during the week except Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Still keeping the goal at 4 blogs daily.

This week (upcoming and going keep it simple for Tech Week):
      *Reading: start Meet the Austins (Madeleine L'Engle) and Crispin (Avi). Time for some lighter reading.
      *Writing: Write a poem a day for Zombie Poem, also see above.
      *Editing/Submissions: this week will be a test to see if I can get to this goals finally.
      *Social Media: 4 blogs daily everyday.
      *Blogging: Plan to start "Road Trip A through Z".

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