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Friday, August 22, 2014

Writing Prompt: Cat Letter

I've started something new. I signed up for daily writing prompts to be emailed to me.

Today's prompt I wasn't sure about Most ideas sounded fine and then turned dumb fast. I delayed a bit in writing, mostly because I had other stuff that need to be attended to. I did promise myself tonight, that I was going to write something everyday. True to my word, I did. It's not a story, more like a concept piece, but one that I could ultimately wrap my brain around. It's just a little writing prompt I got from Rebecca Dickson's site, she's a writer/editor/writing coach; Word Sparks is a daily writing prompt that is emailed to you. There is no deadline, nor requirement for writing. It's just a means to help kick start the juices, to get the idea river flowing again, if it damned up. Go and check out her site, especially if you want writing tips, daily writing prompts, or just another cool writer to follow.

Today's Prompt: If your pet could write you a letter, what would it say?

Dear Hairless Tall Thing (You asked to be called Mom, right?),

I just thought you should know how much I miss you while you were gone today.

I know I didn't really pay attention to you while you were getting ready in the morning, but I am paying attention. When you wake up, before the  sunshine fills your study and the birdies start to sing (Sorry, I get a little philosophical in the morning), I am well aware of where you are. And I miss you after you leave the house. There are plenty of things to do and enjoy in this house, like the toy mice or the stick toys, but it's not the same until you come home to stay.

Do you know why I come to the door when you come home? It's because
the house feels more alive with you there. I mean, I like my new sister,
but she is a little anti-social and sometimes I still miss my brother, even though he liked to chase me. he also loved me and it was like a games after a while.

So, when you come home I get happy again. It's like a new thing; of course, it might be because I don't have very good short term memory. I try. I do remember to bring toys to you when I want to play. That's good, right? I also remember that you are my Mom and the Dad is my Dad.

Anyway, I think I am rambling now (at least that's the word you use a lot, Mom). I just wanted to say that I love you, even when I want to lightly chew on your fingers or knead your bare legs. Please remember that. And I promise I will try to not chase my sister and not knock your drink over and a million and one other things that you tell me.  But you might want to remember that I am a cat after all.

Just kidding. Silly Mom, I love you.


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