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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The NEW Doctor: Thoughts on "Deep Breath"

I have been thinking a lot about the new doctor, the season opener, and the direction that the show is headed in. It has been eight plus long months of waiting for Capaldi's Doctor to emerge. In that time I have had a lot of time to think about what will come next and a singular line from the Doctor about his Kidneys. This has all been swimming in my head, with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store.

First, yes this blog will contain SPOILERS, but as the episode and theatrical release has aired and I have waited more than 72 hour, I am finally going to pen (or type) my thoughts on this episode n and the sew season. If you DO NOT want spoilers, then please refrain from reading further Thank you!

My first thought was, wow, Clara is very whiny and needs a good on the face! Not going to lie, I was a little put off by the MOFFS [Steven Moffat] choice to make her a whiny, stammering idiot for the first third to half of the episode. Clara has NEVER been one to back down, nor be a weakling, even though it ultimately took her a brunt of season 7 to get her to that point. Her superficial view of the Doctor's new face in this episode really bugged me at first. It was very in Clara like. That bothered me, a lot!

This is the Impossible Girl, the one who saved the Doctor time and again in "Name of the Doctor", she also was the one to change his mind about burning Gallifrey in the Time War. She's smart, sassy, and a great companion. (oh I know some are groaning at this statement as they read this, but it's true). So, why make her this very unattractive and catty type persona? Where she is written as a selfish and superficial female, that in some ways cared more about the Doctor's appearance than about the Doctor himself, post regeneration and when he is most vulnerable. It was very hard to grasp, especially knowing that Clara had been in the Doctor's timeline, saved his life time and again. She witnessed first hand each of the Doctor's previous incarnation. So, why then make her fuss and angry about the Doctor's older face? WHY????

Okay, back to this later....

On another noted, I absolutely loved the Dynamic Trio of Vashtra, Jennie, and Strax. While highly entertaining when played with the Doctor, these three can hold their own. Here you get a deeper look into Vashtra and Jennie's relationship, being married in Victorian Era London and a the bickering that comes with being married. Strax is just fantastic with his comedic timing; best part was when he asked Clara if she wanted the times and when he was sent it up. SMACK! Right in the kisser! Vashtra is definitely a voice of reason, almost a Doctor like character. She's definitely a favourite!

Then there this...

I was a little worried that it would get too serious, too soon. I like a darker story and can handle something that is a bit grown up. Hence why I like Torchwood. But, there is also the camp that come with Doctor Who. Would they completely lose that with Capaldi? It's not a Matt Smith episode, or season, but there are less goofy moments. But it is not without it's lighter moments either. Yes, this new doctor is going to be more more serious than his previous personality, not take things as lightly, but he  is the Doctor. He is not afraid to tell it like it is or burst into banter and charades with a Dinosaur.

Stand out lines; "Doors. Boring. So not me," [Opens window] "Me!" or "These are attack eyebrows!"


The Doctor, he is well, I just get all full of smiles when I seem him on the screen. Capaldi is the Doctor. He is my Doctor! With everything moment and line delivered I feel fully invested in his story. Especially when he has Clara's back, after what is presumed to be his desertion of Clara in the Larder of Mancini's Restaurant. Clara is holding her own against the half-faced man, and then as she reaches behind her someone grabs her hand, rips the face off and there is the Doctor. He brings something real to the Doctor, almost like he voices his own thoughts as they happen, like when he gets something wrong and tries to gloss over, "I hate it when they see me get it wrong. Pretend you didn't see that." But he is still the Doctor, he saves the day in the nick of time, he's protective of the human race, and he's Scottish (thus he can complain about stuff). Must get use to hearing the Scottish accent now.

Back to Clara and other stuff...

And even after the second viewing, at the movie theatre, I found stuff I missed, like the Sweeney Todd reference or his reference to Amy Pond. But I could understand Clara's motivation a bit more knowing that this regeneration she was seeing live. Her Doctor was gone and that is a lot to take in when you have know someone for a long time. Also, the Christmas episode "Time of the Doctor" into "Deep Breath" was one right into another, where the rest of the world had to wait eight months for the out come of Trenzelore. That's a lot to take in, especially for one person. Yes, she is still whiny, okay, a lot whiny, but I can understand her reasoning, mostly. I would probably feel something similar.

Then there are the questions...

Of course there are things that I am still confused about. Like Missy! The mysterious woman in "heaven" with the half-faced man. Is she Idris? Is she a version of River Song (seems unlikely, but who knows)? An enemy? A friend? What is this promised land to where the Half-faced man was seeking? What is the connection to the episode "The Girl in the Fireplace"?

There is much more to the season, more adventures. Heck, it has only just started and already I can't wait for Saturday's episode! What do you think, Dear Readers (of the Whovian persuasion)? About Capaldi as the new Doctor? The new season? Thoughts in general? Leave me some love!

*Pictures from Google search, and used to enhance this blog. Doctor Who is own by BBC.

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