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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Writing and Meatloaf, that what Sunday afternoons are for....

It's a Meatloaf kind of afternoon, with the cat's napping, and I am writing. The first time in a few weeks. I am feeling good as I type this. Good weather and time to work on stuff and things make a happier writer Cindy, Dear Readers. Taking a bit of a break from writing to write this blog/AROW80 check-in, on time too!

What have I been up to? Well, I can say that house looks almost presentable with laundry done and put away, dishes caught up v(except my lunch plate), and the trash/litter taken care of. w00t! I STILL need to vacuum, but I'll wait until the cats are awake (so i don't scare them too much). Sometimes I wish I was rich, so I could just hire a maid, but then I realize that is a silly idea (the having a maid idea, not the being rich part). I usually relax by cleaning, I know that sound weird, but I do. I discovered that in college, when I needed to step away from the homework, or if I needed to de-stress, I would clean my dorm room. I just don't always have the time nowadays to clean like that. I am getting better, but I hate when I have a sink of nasty gross dishes and am too tired to wash them.
Villainy at the Villanova Vaudeville Revisited.*

This weekend has been a productive and yet relaxing weekend (see paragraph above). David's been performing Hairspray this weekend. I saw it Friday night. Tarzan was last weekend. I am freer to enjoy the rest of summer with book reading, seeing the rest of the melodramas at Old Havana Courthouse Theatre, being outside, visiting and having adventures.

A melodrama is short play telling of virtue triumphing over villainy, that usually involve music, signing, over the top comedy, and audience interaction. Old Havana performs these show throughout the summer in Montour Falls, NY, above the courthouse. A different show each week, four shows rotating throughout the summer. If you are in the area, please check 'em out. 

*Picture used is own by Old Havana Courthouse Theatre.

Past page 400 of "Lirael". I love books. I even like LOOONG books, but the down side is that sometimes (no every time), the book feels like it's taking forever. The "Abhoren Trilogy" is a nicely paced series, but "Lirael" is almost 700 pages. So much book! It's even better on the second read.

Started writing again. Feels good to find a writing prompt and just go. I am probably going to finish the rough draft of this story. It has me intrigued, as the characters start talking to me. After writing this blog and a short dinner break. BTW, I love tomato sammiches!! :-) I want to get to a completed draft. I sometimes start a story, but then get distracted or bored and then do not return to ever, or a year later get around to finishing it.

This also means that I am going to return to visiting my fellow bloggers and writers (Come see the Blog Hop), reading up on what they are up to, give words of encouragement, or playing Haiku tag with them. It also means that I am returning to a weekly blog entry about whatever strikes my fancy. This will mostly likely occur on Mondays or Saturdays, my non-Round of Words days.

On, that happy note, Dear Readers, I am going to post this and return to my words. Have a stellar and exciting week. Hope you summer is continuing to be fruitful and sunny. I need to make it to the beach soon. I miss swimming. I don't do it enough anymore. That will be something else I do before labour day. I am surprised at how fast the summer goes now that I am older. Only three more weeks? Yep, just checked the calendar.

Gonna Peel Outta Here, Dear Reader!

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  1. I loved visiting this post. It's so upbeat. Makes me want to go out there and kick some goal butt! Hope you are still feeling energized and knocking out some goals.


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