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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A to Z Challenge: B is for Busy

This month is all about the busy. I am not kidding, April is a month full of theatre events and shows and lots and lots of writing. See, there comes a time when I realize that the winter months have gotten me dried up and uninspired. February and March definitely fell into this category. I was far less productive than previous months. It was like I was dropped in the middle of a desert and left to find my way way, and thus by April, POOF I have found a veritable oasis of muses and forms of expression. This includes the "Blogging A to Z Challenge" an obvious choice. Some of what my April will be including is:

*NaPoWriMo: the month long, poem a day challenge.

*Camp NaNoWriMo: the sibling to November's NaNoWriMo challenge, 50, 000 words in 30 days.

*Keuka Lake Player's production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest", most of you Dear Reader's are familiar with my blogs about this, but to the new Folks, I have been working on "The Tempest" since January.

*The Lake Country Player's 24 Hour Theatre and Lake Country Improve: the former is this Saturday and the latter runs one show a month April to August in Montour Falls, NY.

*On the production team (props and sets) for LCP's junior player's "Zombeo and Juliet".

*Plus trying to see fellow thespians productions and social gatherings this month and keeping my house clean and working my day job.


So, yes, Dear Readers, B is for Busy, but B is also for Beautiful and I am quite happy with my Beautiful and Busy life! Have a great day and week!!


  1. Busy times, indeed! Sounds like you have your hands full!

  2. Didn't know about the Camp NaNoWriMo, thanks for the link! Although I just spent March publishing my first kids' book, yay! ( Keep going!


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