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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Theatrical Poems - Gearing up for OctPoWriMo

A few poems I wrote back in May of this year (during Zombie Prom) and seeing that I am tech crewing it, I thought I'd share a few of the more technical theatre based poems. And one new haiku, for good measure. Also I am gearing up for OctPoWriMo to start next month. There will be a lot of poem, poetic forms, rhymes, and meter. Hope you enjoy, Dear Readers.

Theatrical Flow V.2 (Tetractys)

the show
begins now
curtains open
hear the music play, as the story is
given life by the actors, in movement--
Just another day...
another show
we do


Theatrical Flow

Mic Checks
Are Now
To the stage for Mic Checks, Places called--
When the moment spotlights are now trawled.


Dark Night ( a Triquain)

It is time--
opening night of the 
time we have spent together, singing 
and dancing to our Beat, the one we have pulsing
underneath our skin to the rhythm--
born in our blood and we
are onstage.


Be Ready

When the lights go down
the backstage-- silent, ready
 the curtains will rise

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