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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Random Geeky Stuff and Finally a Schedule

Somewhere over the week I caught the "Plague" that that was going around at work. Funny that it should hit right when the weekend starts. Irony? Maybe. Yesterday was the sore throat and tired feeling, and today seems to be the stuffy/running nose and more tiredness. This and the weather has flummoxed my weekend plans, but not one to give up I am taking this afternoon caught up on a few things at home, writing and blogging stuffs.

This is also a good time to let to know, Dear Readers that I am planning a blogging schedule. Finally! i have been thinking for years that I need a schedule to hold me accountable. After this summer, I have grown into my own dedication, but one can ALWAYS do better.

The Music Man has started. Seeing as I am stage managing this show, I have three days a week devoted to rehearsals, plus I am now down a vehicle as the spring in my front driver side strut is toast. The worst part is that even IF I fix it (at a cost of 722.00 cost ), there is a chance that with the rust on my van that one hit of a pot hole could junk my van for good. This van has brought me much luck and had MANY adventures...

The Scooby Gang during Sesame Street
Also, being under the weather I am loath to leave the house, so plans for this afternoon have been rearranged. Still planning on going to my weekly (most weeks) Who Night. As long as I am still feeling better that is.

Plus, I now have at least 4/5 hours to work on writing projects, and resting, should the nap attack occur.

Sheesh, that's a lot to soak in, Cindy. Sorry, Dear Readers. I meant for something more glorious for today's post and you get a longish thread about being sick, broken vehicles, etc.

~Drum roll~ 

I am hear to reveal my new blog schedule. I have missed writing here about things and stuff, so I am returning to regular postings and mixing it up a little too. As you probably know, I am involved in A Round of Words in 80 Days. A blog challenge that I post twice a week about my progress on my goals and writing plans for the future. I also write poetry and do the challenges OctPoWriMo and NaPoWriMo, these are monthly poetry challenges where yo write a poem a day (either free write or the provided daily prompt). I also do NaNoWriMo in November and #writestuff tweet chats on Tuesday nights. I am networking more, meeting new writers and colleagues. Lots of fun stuff, but sometimes I feel the hermit because of it. Does anyone else feel that way?

Also, I do theatre. LOTS and LOTS of theatre and I thus be busy until November 15th with the Music Man.

Instead of feeling weird about not sitting down to write, blog, or edit; I am going to make sure I schedule some time to devote to write on the days I can, this includes posting interesting blogs on Here, There Be a Writer. This is a little new for me so bear with me.
             *Mondays: Music Man rehearsal 6-9 pm. Write for an hour after coming home.
             *Tuesdays: Poetry Corner posts. Will post a recent or archival poem from my collection. I have a lot of poems. Also, spend time writing and editing. Tweet chat: #writestuff at 9 pm.
             *Wednesdays: ROW80, WIPpet Wednesday, and WWW Wednesday. Write and Edit on current WIP and EIP projects.
             *Thursdays: Music Man rehearsal 6-9 pm. Random flash fiction or blog about something after rehearsal.
             *Fridays: Write for 30 minutes sometime before bed.
             *Saturdays: Unplugged day, unless I choose to write or blog, edit, read. This is generally my hang out day, where I can go and do stuff with friends. Now that it is fall and th weather will start to change, I will have more days to inside and write, edit, read, etc.
              *Sundays: ROW80 post. Music rehearsals in the afternoon. (not always needs as we rehearse just music on Sundays. Write and edit sometime during the day, as much as I can.

Okay, so that part is free and clear. Onto random blog about random fun things. I love a good trip down memory lane. So, in the search of things of my youth I happen upon this...

...It's a Zag the Zebra, circa 1987 (ish?). My mom sold a lot of Avon, and often I got a lot of bubble bath, skin-so-soft, pins with hidden doors with perfume in them, and toys. I think I got Zag when I was sick and home from school, or maybe a birthday. I really can't remember that detail. I just remember the fuzzy, stumpy legged rainbow zebra that was my favourite toy for years. Then like it happens Zag disappeared or became lost. I never forgot. But is conversations with the hubs about Avon memorabilia, Zag came up. To the Google I say, and poof, there was proof he existed and on eBay. Yes, you know the rest of then story. I now own a Zag the Rainbow Zebra. I do feel like a dork, but a happy dork!

       ...just when you think you have it all!

Yes, Neil, thanks for hitting me in the wallet. I don't regret my choices, but sometimes my pocketbook begs to differ. Upside, I hadn't purchased much for my self in the last few week, so the Zag and the new edition of Neverwhere was totally worth it. I have already read Neverwhere, but now I can re-read it and enjoy it anew. I am a nerd!

Just like the nerdiness that allows me to go to Weird Al concerts, listen to Tardis sounds while I write. Go check out the 1 hour video of the interior Tardis Hum from the 9th and 10th Doctor's Tardis. It's really a good sound to write to and not creepy at all.

So, Dear Readers, what are some things that you geek out to? Things you like to reminisce about?

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