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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

#AROW80 Wednesday Check-in

Today's check in finds me in much better spirits, been far more productive too!

Been working on a short story this month. It's Doctor Who inspired, oh okay, it's a Doctor Who story involving the 8th Doctor. Okay, so, maybe not my next greatest story, but I am having fun this it. I don't normally write fan-fiction, but this a too good an opportunity to pass up. I am too far in to stop now.

The kitchen is the cleanest it's been in a really long time. I seem to be more conscious of it's appearance. Hoping I can keep it up in the coming months. That's the first thing to go when i get neck deep in a show; the chores get side lined.

Tempest is coming along. I have my first 2 scenes memorized. Still tripping over lines, but not as much. Trinculo is still coming out, I haven't completely figured him out yet, but getting there. There's a lot of good silly stuff to play with in those scenes. I am just surprised at how many of Trinculo's lines are much like tongue twisters. It must be because Trinculo is a jester, a clown, so he's lines have to sound sillier. Just a thought.

Been on a HUGE Haiku kick lately...been writing and tweeting Haiku. I may have to collect them and make a little poetry book. The form is simple, but to get the topic down to 5-7-5 syllables, but I love to try to make these mini images of these grand topics and ideas in these small little packages. just a few of the most recent haiku written:

The skies are cloudy/
The sun has gone from today/
Your love still shine through

The house is warming/
The furnace roars into life/
I snuggle down into warmth 

Meowing kitty cat/
Sleeping curled up on the chair/
The essence of calm 

I can't stop the tears/
The Memories are too strong/
And I am crying 

It's warming up here in Twin Tiers, not as fast as I like it, but the melt is starting. My heart feels  a million times better, even with my friend passing, I am more determined than ever. So, I am gearing up with Here, There be a Writer. I will have a new regular blog by week's end. Might try to put a small collection of Haiku together in the coming weeks. If I put up clips of me rehearsing my Trinculo lines, would you, Dear Readers be interested? I am rather proud of my monologue's progress. 

Have a a splendid week, Dear Readers. Make something beautiful. Share something with someone. Or help someone. Oh, I am always excepting topic submissions. Since i am on a haiku kick. Leave me a comment and a topic, and I will write you a haiku. Check out my fellow AROW80-ers at this Blog Hop! Remember, I believe in you!


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